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Natalie Gauci releases new single ‘Pictures of Mars’.

Natalie Gauci is releasing her third album and the first single is out now. ‘Pictures of Mars’ is a catchy tune that features the unmistakable vocal sound of the Australian Idol winner. Natalie is wearing a spacesuit in the video that is the same one that David Bowie wore in his Black star video that you can watch here. How cool it that! Watch the music video below.

For the past 14 years, Natalie Gauci’s music has taken us on a voyage through her vast catalogue of stories starting with her Australian Idol win, through multi award winning albums, lauded acting career, across triumphant National and Global tours, and innovative collaborations with highly acclaimed international producers. Countered with her own highly private cathartic #metoo moment currently before the Australian courts, the much-publicized relationship breakdowns, struggles with substance abuse and like so many female music artists of her time, the relentless challenge of a persistent online stalker leaking fake stories to the press.

It’s been a wild ride through the glory and the pain of fame culminating in “Pictures of Mars” the title single from Gauci’s third album, taking cues from her influences, Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, exposing her simple wish to escape all the pain of a life thrust into the spotlight.

“It is the very people who have swung on the extreme polarities that life throws at them, who will totally relate to this song. People on a quest for answers when faced with the surrealism of life, will see themselves in the lyrics and melody. People who feel lost, unable to find their way back, will remember the fierce fire within, when they tune into this track. Music can be transcendent when it takes you out of your head and into your heart. We go on this journey together.” Natalie muses.

Returning to the stage in Australia after years of touring throughout the UK and Europe, Gauci will be hitting the road in October in a series of concerts across Queensland with shows booked around Australia from February 2022.

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