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Australian Country Star, Jade Holland, has been consistently sharing her story with audiences across the globe over the past three years with singles like, the Multimillion streaming “Drive Thru”, International Award winning “That’s The Wine”, the 2019 Charting Townsville Flood appeal charity song “Lives on the Lawn” and 2020’s breakout hit, “Do It Right”.

Now her follow up single, ‘Fight For It”, due for International release on 8 October, is poised to become an anthem for a world struggling to recover from covid fatigue.

Jade made history on Sunday 10th October when she debuted ‘Fight For It’ at the annual Walk For Awareness event in Brisbane in front of tens of thousands of people. The official video for ‘Fight For It’ was filmed on this day and has been officially released now!

‘Fight For It’ moved from number 8 to number 2 on Australian Country Radio’s TOP 10 –

‘Fight For It’ debuted at number 11 on the AIR Independent Singles Chart –

As Ambassador for Mental Awareness Foundation, Jade will make history on Sunday 10 October as she debuts ‘Fight For It” at the annual Walk for Awareness event in Brisbane in front of tens of thousands of Queenslanders. The official video will be filmed that day with a cast of thousands.

Fight For It is for every single person who has lost someone to suicide. It’s a song that we all can relate to. We’ve all been there. This is our time to stand together and sing for those who are no longer here.” Holland shared. “This is our anthem now.”

Being one of the first music artists to go on the road post lockdown, Jade took her Resilience Tour throughout regional Queensland in late 2020 in partnership with the Mental Awareness Foundation, and witnessed, firsthand, the power that music had to reconnect and heal a local community. It was these places and faces that inspired her to sit down late one night after a show in Mount Isa, where she wrote the first three words, Fight For It.

“Fight For It” was recorded and produced across time zones in a unique fashion thanks to border restrictions and lockdowns. Co-written by Jade with Sinead Burgess and Bryce Sainty, it was produced by David “Messy” Mescon at Messy Room Studios in Nashville with Aria Award winning artist, Tyrone Noonan, appearing on the backing vocals with the chorus vocals recorded in the Pushworth office with the whole team jumping in to help out.

“Fight For It” will be released through The Manick Label/In Grooves/Universal Music Group on Monday 8 October 2021.

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