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King Whisker drops single ‘Boys Club/Girls Club’

King Whisker has just dropped a thought-provoking song called ‘Boys Club/Girls Club’. These Art Punk/Art Rock self-expressed weirdos are from San Diego. ‘Boys Club/Girls Club’ is a Non-binary/LGBTQIA anthem not only celebrates their non-binary and gay band member but highlights that rock music does not traditionally or in the present for that matter, include songs focussing on gender issues. I long for the day when this does not need to be highlighted, that music is all inclusive of all our differences, gender, racial and more. Boys Club/Girls Club’s lyrics remind me of when I was growing up, and I wanted short hair but my that entire generation of adults said that short hair is for boys or lesbians. I am glad that the world is changing! Not fast enough but it is changing. For me the meaning of the song also relates to a time when I was my best friend’s “Best Man” and wore a suit. I heard people talk about me discussing if I was gay or just like to dress like a man! For crying out loud, I don’t wear dresses. Anyway I digress. Back to the song! The vocals are super expressive and add to the appeal of the song. Take a listen here.

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