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‘Buyer’s Remorse’ is the latest track from Dean Risko

I love ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ for a few reasons, it has a great beat and sweet as vocals. The main reason is it’s clever exploration of the death of the American dream. Not to turn this review too political… but I am not a fan of the US racial inequality. I found that Dean Risko was able to put into words how it feels to be a working class immigrant now as apposed to the ‘American Dream’ that was expected prior moving to America. Many topics are mentioned in ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ and if I had more time I would love to put my thoughts down on each one. However even though this song is super thought provoking I won’t. It shows how much I really adore Dean’s lyric writing ability to touch on many topics that socially conscious aware people can listen to. Buyer’s Remorse’ is from his album ‘The Good Wolf’. Take a listen here.


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