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Jordan Michelle drops single ‘Tear Me Down’.

Hit prediction!

Pop rocker Jordan Michelle has just released a punk-inspired track called ‘Tear Me Down’. The song is based on advice that her grandmother who survived the Holocaust – ‘Optimism in the face of adversity will always lead to the greatest outcome.’ Wow. It takes a super special person to have that positivity from the worlds worst and most horrific event. Jordan is certainly using her musical talent to bring that powerful message to the world. With influences that you can hear in her music from Gwen Stefani to Green Day as well as in Jordan’s beautiful passionate vocals. She is working on her debut album ‘Dichotomy of a Pageant Queen‘ due out early next year. Follow Jordan on Social media (below) to keep up with her news and keep an ear out for her next track due out in January ‘Have a Nice Life’. An artist to watch!

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  1. ‘Have a Nice Life’ is Jordan Michelle’s latest single. – Music Injection

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