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‘Have a Nice Life’ is Jordan Michelle’s latest single.

I can’t hear enough of Jordan Michelle, a pop punk artist based in LA. Her lyrics are honest and relatable. Anyone who has been through a toxic relationship and came out the other side needs to listen to her new single ‘Have a Nice Life’ and sing it loud. It has been over 20 years since I got out of mine and the familiar feelings are still easy to sing about. Jordan’s powerful vocals the song is a real release! This occurred in the recording of the song when the gang vocals were added, the group of singers felt that singing ‘Bitch!’ was therapy for them too. Jordan is working on her debut album Dichotomy of a Pageant Queen due for release in Spring/Summer (US) this year. Personally I can’t wait for this album, I loved her previous single ‘Tear Me Down’ which I reviewed here. Take a listen to ‘Have a Nice Life’ and let loose some of your emotions!

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