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 Oxlee drops new single ‘Why’.

 Oxlee is an up and coming Australian R&B pop artist. After moving to Australia from the UK Oxlee developed his interest in music and was influenced by greats such as Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd. Oxlee already has a solid following on Social media (see below). We share the same passion, that music can make a powerful difference in people’s lives. He has performed for Headspace, RUOK Day and the Relay for Life event whom all support people’s mental health. His latest track ‘Why’ is an exploration of a post-breakup contemplation when the feelings of being lost are felt. Oxlee has a sublime vocal sound and clearly can write songs that people can relate to. Even though the song is tinged with sad emotions, there is also a sense of hope that shines from music. Take a listen here and enjoy the smooth sound of ‘Why’.

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