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Ryan Cassata drops an incredible new single ‘Golden Hour’.

Ryan Cassata is an award-winning singer-songwriter, actor, performer, published writer, LGBTQ+ activist and motivational speaker. What a talented guy! With amazing vocals and clever lyrical writing ability, Ryan has just released an amazing single called ‘Golden Hour’. This is the closing song on his ‘Magic Miracle Mile’ album. While listening to the song I took the time to read up on Ryan’s achievements. Wow! As a part-time high school teacher, I see the struggles of teenagers with working out who they are and if they can be free to be that person. Ryan is a trans advocate and public speaker and is not afraid to share his story and how to create an inclusive safe environment free from prejudice and bullying. Ryan began his journey as an activist when he joined “The Safe Schools Team” back when he was 13. Amongst numerous awards and accolades, Ryan is someone that cares and wants to change this world we live in using his story to help those in need. Take a listen to ‘Golden Hour’ here, each time I listen I love it more. Follow him on social media below.

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If you would like Ryan to speak and or perform at your school or venue (acoustically or with his band), please email 

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