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Jen chats to Sheppard about new Christmas single ‘Christmas without You’.

Sheppard has just released an engaging and relatable Christmas single called ‘Christmas without You’. It showcases Barry’s amazing vocals as well beautiful piano trickling through. ‘Christmas without You’ is the Christmas song that Australia and let’s face it everyone around the world need to hear. It is a song of sorrow but also has a sense of hope as well. This track follows their 2021 album Kaleidoscope Eyes that reached number 2 on the Aria charts. Sheppard are one of Australia’s top pop bands and they are looking forward to performing at The Riverstage Christmas Carols on Sat Dec 11. Tickets are on sale now and it will be televised on Channel 9.


Jen got the chance to have a zoom call with all three members, George, Emma and Amy about their latest track and how the pandemic affected them.

When discussing whether or not Sheppard set out to write a Christmas song or if the idea just popped into their head George explainedIt was a bit of both. Like, people have always been asking us when we were going to release a Christmas album or a Christmas song and to be honest, it wasn’t really on our radar. It was just, it never felt authentic, you know, to just kind of release a bubbly jingly Christmas song. It would have to come from a place of authenticity and for us this year, um, this will be the second year in a row that we’ve not seen our dad. So he’s been working up in Papua New Guinea. He’s been stuck up there for the last two years and, uh, it’s, it’s always a bit of sweet time for us for Christmas when he’s not there. So, uh, we just kind of wanted to convey that emotion. That was the inception of the idea.

And it was just that intro piano line just kind of came out of nowhere. And then we realized that sounded and felt pretty Christmasy. And so we decided to go from there and write this song about from, from our perspective, you know, at Christmas or that F problem, but it hopefully will relate to, and resonate with a whole bunch of people around the world who must be going through the exact same thing in Australia. Like he said,, in Melbourne, you know, there’s my fiance’s family who lives in Tasmania and Melbourne and she hasn’t been able to see them for two years. And it’s just a tough time for a lot of people when we want it to reflect that in this song.

One of my favourite parts of their new single ‘Christmas without You’ is the imagery of the angel mocking them from the top of the tree. I had a scary angel on the top of our tree when I was a kid that had eyes that seemed to watch me from every angle. I told Sheppard that and their response was

I mean, that’s, that’s great. I mean, we love hearing those stories because it’s like, that’s what art is all about. I think it’s kind of like, it’s got a very particular meaning specific to you and you’ve sort of brought that out in the song, which I think is really cool.

When discussing Sheppard‘s performance on The Riverstage Christmas Carols I asked if it would be a career highlight.

I think we’re obviously proud of Queenslanders. We are kind of ticking off all of the highlights and we have done the AFL final. We’ve done the Origin final and now we get to do Riverstage. So that’s pretty exciting for us and just any needs to get out on stage in front of the audience these days. Yeah, yeah. A huge luxury. So we’re really excited to perform in front of a wider audience. I said that they had basically done the trifecta of huge events.

Sheppard spent 2020 writing and perfecting their 16 track album called ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ and I asked how Australian’s had taken to the new album. It peaked at number 2 on the Aria so it was positive!

It’s kinda hard to gauge unless you’re actually out on tour, you know, that’s where a band gets to actually feel the impact that music is having on the audience, you know, depending on how many people’s shop to a, to a tiller and like people singing along to your songs, like that’s where you really get to enjoy the fruits of your labours in terms of releasing an album. Um, but you know, I’d like to hope that this is definitely my favourite album that we’ve released. So I think hopefully that’s the way the fans feel as well. And, um, you know, people can really put, like, see how much effort we put into this. It was like, two and a half years of our lives where we just put every waking moment into blood, sweat and tears. And I think that you know, we’re very proud of it and I hope Australia feels the same way about it.

We also talked about how difficult it was not to do what they love, touring and hearing fans singing their songs with them. Although we also talked about how lucky they were as well.

So we did get extremely, extremely lucky. Yes. I feel like 2021 has been a little bit harder because this is when we’d normally be touring the album. We haven’t managed to get out of Brisbane, so that has been difficult. And we’re just trying to keep our fans engaged as much as possible. I guess just trying to look at the positive that there is, it feels like there’s a lot of pain to the tunnel now, you know, live music is starting to come back borders assigned to be a little bit more flexible. And there’s just a little bit more hope now. I think that’s really cool.

Remember to catch Sheppard at the BRISBANE LORD MAYOR CHRISTMAS CAROLS on SAT DEC 11.

. Take a listen to Kaleidoscope Eyes here.


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