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Pop superstars H3RIZON release new single ‘One More Christmas’.

Pop superstars H3RIZON, consisting of Bernadette Marquez (Bernie), Tiara Nyuzo and Gabby), have just released their gorgeous, festive new single, One More Christmas, a poppy, RnB-influenced bop about longing for that special someone during the holidays.  The girls, who have amassed nearly 2 million followers on TikTok, have also announced a sparkling, joyful video to accompany One More Christmas.  After their previous singles Serious and Maniac exploded online, racking up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views over the last year, it’s clear that H3RIZON are here to take over the world, one harmonised whistle tone at a time.

Taking inspiration from their idols Mariah Carey and Donny HathawayH3RIZON have truly created a brand new Christmas classic with this sweet, nostalgic yet modern tune.  One More Christmas features classic harmonies from these three extremely talented vocalists, as well as all those adlibs and runs we’ve come to expect from watching hours of their hugely popular TikToks.  Speaking on the unexpectedly poignant inspiration behind the RnB, pop flavoured Christmas banger, the group explains, “The incredible inspiration behind this song is our songwriter Raquelle Gracie’s bittersweet story about her late father.  She shared with us that her dad passed away a few years back and that she wrote this song thinking of all the things that reminded her of him at Christmas.  And just as we’d love to connect with someone we missed but couldn’t be with, she’d want one more Christmas with him. We have so much respect for her penmanship and we’re so honoured to be able to deliver her story within this song.” It’s certainly a beautifully layered song, with several meanings and interpretations that can be taken upon multiple listens; and it’s sure it be a comfort to anyone missing someone this Christmas.  

The sweet, touching video for One More Christmas is a celebration of all the good things that the festive season can bring – and overcoming hardships along the way.  The H3RIZON girls each play a different character with a different experience of Christmas time, as they explain, “The video clip is based on a lot of Christmas nostalgia… being reminiscent of the past and being grateful for the memories you and your family and friends shared over the years during Christmas.  In the video, we all have a certain story with our characters and the bittersweet moments in the lives they lived.  We worked really closely with the production team to be able to bring certain vulnerabilities to the storyline and really bring it to life.”

It’s been a wild ride for the H3RIZON girls.  On track to hit two million followers on TikTok any day now, it’s easy to see – and hear – why they are so incredibly popular.  It’s a joy to scroll through their feed and listen to their stunning harmonies, their takes on popular songs, and now, their very own Christmas classic.  Pop some lights on the tree, get some cookies in the oven, and blast this one through the house for some guaranteed, H3RIZON-brand Christmas cheer. 

H3RIZON’s favourite Christmas songs !


One of my favourites is Mariah Carey’s ‘Santa Claus Coming to Town’ because it’s the pinnacle of every Christmas party in my household. My family loves to do a tradition where my great uncle dresses up as Santa Claus and before he comes in, our parents scream “Santa’s coming!” all night. When midnight strikes on Christmas Day, he comes in and surprises everyone with a sack full of presents, all especially for the little kids!! Afterwards, he gives out the gifts one by one, calling out our names, and by the end of it, we open it all together. It reminds me of how much I cherish Christmas with my family and funnily enough, the tradition still lives on to this day!


One of my favourite Christmas songs is Pentatonix’s rendition of ‘Mary Did You Know’. First off, Pentatonix is my absolute favourite a cappella band, and they’re pretty much the ones who inspired me to be part of a self-devised a cappella group in high school! So once they came out with their new Christmas single in 2014, we knew we had to perform their song at our next music showcase. I love everything about their arrangement, from the lyrics to the harmonies. And I loved the thrill of performing the song with my friends and hearing the harmonies resonate throughout our school theatre. 


One of my favourite Christmas songs would definitely have to be NSYNC’s ‘Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays’. Whenever I hear that song come on, my mind takes me all the way back to when I was a kid growing up, annoying my older brother in his bedroom. Ever since the song was released, he decided that it would be (literally) the only song he would listen to during Christmas, in the best and worst way possible. He would refuse to let me change the song because of how much he loved it, and over time, inevitably I learned to love it just as much as he did. Now it’s become a little tradition of ours that every year we have to listen to that song together. 

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