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‘I Won’t Give Up’ is Ryan Keen latest release!

Hit prediction!

Well, I just found a new favourite singer-songwriter to add to my list. On my first listen to Ryan Keen’s ‘I Won’t Give Up’ I was entranced. This beautiful love song really spoke to my heart! Having a partner that does support me through everything I appreciated the meaning. Ryan wrote ‘I Won’t Give Up’ with Sillkey, renting an Airbnb between their houses for 3 days to create music. Well, they created music gold in ‘I Won’t Give Up’. I adore Ryan’s vocals and the rising and falling of the music and vocals. Incredible! ‘I Won’t Give Up’ is a must-listen. Do that here.

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Singer-songwriter, surfer and mental health advocate. South Devon-born Ryan has written and toured with Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Leona Lewis and Tom Odell to name a few. Ryan’s debut album, ‘Room For Light’, ranked highly in singer-songwriter iTunes charts globally which led to a sell-out UK tour and two headline tours in Europe. Ryan has also toured extensively in Australia.

Alongside his solo career, Ryan is a part of the band SLANG and has written for other artists including Noah Kahan, Jasmine Thompson and Kolidescopes. Ryan’s passion for mental health led him to working with I Am Whole and later leading Movember’s music and mental health projects. He has now founded a new music/mental health charity in the UK.

Ryan has been writing and recording a lot behind the scenes – he co-wrote Noah Kahan’s single “Animal, as well as writing with Corey Harper, Jasmine Thompson and Jacob Banks – but is now very happy to be releasing “I Won’t Give Up”, “ leading up to an album release in 2022.”, he adds. 

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