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Scooped up drop pop-punk single ‘Dislexic’

Scooped up are a pop-punk band that has the goal of bringing back the 90’s pop-punk sound. For me, that has never gone away and is my fav genre of all time. Once I heard Scooped up’s new single ‘Dislexic’ I knew I would review and share it! They are influenced by the pop-punk greats that I listen to on repeat, Blink 182 Nofx Sum 41, MXPX and Green Day. True to the genre Scooped up are a DIY band for everything. ‘Dislexic’ is a fast-paced track with driving guitars and I love the vocal sound. The video was made at their fav local breakfast place called Little Lasse’s has humor in it, and the more you watch the more you pick up. I wish that the song was a little longer! Take a listen to ‘Dislexic’ here. Facebook Instagram TikTokYou Tube

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