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The 3148s release brilliant single ‘Beck and Call’.

Indie rockers The 3148s latest track ‘Beck and Call’ right from the first note caught my interest. With high energy classic rock style music this song is destined to be a crowd favourite. Love the guitar riff! It is one of those songs that makes me want to get up and dance while singing the lyrics loudly. Add in unique sounding vocals and a relatable meaning, of doing whatever the one you love wants, ‘Beck and Call’ is a must listen to song! Beck and Call’ would be an insanely great song to see live!

The 3148s (thirty-one forty-eights) have been making music since the summer of 2015 when the group of friends decided to add to their day jobs of being trial lawyers with creating music. Taking their name, The 3148s from a section of the Michigan auto insurance law, specifically, Section: 3148, that means “so excessive as to have no reasonable foundation.”. Love that!

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