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Tricia Lo drops new single ‘Cursed By Your Love’.

Tricia Lo is no newcomer to the music industry, with leading bands with her strong unique vocal sound, winning awards, collaborating with music producers, her songs being played in brand stores, restaurants, gyms, cafes around the world and being a Russian voice of “Linkimals” musical cartoon series by Fisher-Price Toys in 2019.

This Latvian based singer-songwriter and electronic-pop music producer has been working as a ghost music producer, singer, songwriter for 10 years. Last year her real dream was realised when she released her debut EP ‘Wrong Plan”. Now she has released ‘Cursed By Your Love’ that showcases her amazing quirky vocal sound that is super distinctive. ‘Cursed By Your Love’ explores how it feels to fall in love with the wrong sort of person, the one that changes you until you no longer recognise each other. I relate to this, a previous relationship that completely changed me and it has taken years to find myself again. I am sure many more people will relate as well. Take a listen here.


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