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bleec releases new song ‘Candle Light’.

‘Candle Light’ reminds me of being a teenager in the ’80s, listening to songs like this on the radio. bleec has a way of writing synthpop music and relatable lyrics. What a great day to review this song, as with us bringing in the New Year tonight, and I actually don’t want to go to a party, I would rather stay safe and bring in the new year with my partner, under candlelight. The lyrics are very relatable, I mean who does not want to spend quality time with the one they love in candlelight! Take a listen to ‘Candle Light’ here.

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2 Comments on bleec releases new song ‘Candle Light’.

  1. Hey, very cool blog! I think that this kind of music
    is wonderful for all ages and fantastic to sing along
    and to dance with! It’s timeless and therefore
    very enjoyable! Good luck and Happy New Year
    ! From Cruiser


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