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Ro Nova releases amazing new single ‘Silver’.

Dance track – Hit prediction!

Electro pop artist Ro Nova has just dropped a brilliant dance track called ‘Silver’. This song as a massive wow factor as Ro’s vocal sound is incredible! It is smooth, soft, yet strong and a real pleasure to listen to. Ro Nova has a huge career in front of her. Last year she toured with Tom Jones no less! Her songwriting ability is demonstrated with her working with artists such as Raye, MNEK and DMY Recordings artist Farrah. ‘Silver’ is a track that I can imagine dancing to at a club and losing myself totally in the song. Meaning wise it explores searching for a connection with someone late at night. Yet, the song is directed at someone that only really available after midnight. Imagery like wanting to be skin tight with that person and how when she has eyes on them everything else fades away make the song’s meaning clear. This shows the depth of her song writing talent. Ro has self directed a music video for ‘Silver’ that takes the song to a higher level. Images of diamonds, use of ipads and iphones and of course the colour silver is the theme. Take a look here. Facebook Instagram

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