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Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla drop new single ‘You’re Out’.

I love the raw sound in ‘You´re Out’, a real alternative rock song. I would love to hear this in a small pub with the crowd singing back to the band. Remember those days? Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla have released this song as part of their return to life after, well after the first two years of the pandemic. This song is a wake up message for someone and offers some advice for them to get their life together. I love the catchiness of the chorus, the driving drums and interesting guitar riffs.The vocals are insanely amazing too. As I mentioned, their raw, touch sound makes them unique sounding from other submissions. I do like variety! Check out Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla’s (must be a story behind this name!) You´re Out’ here. Facebook Instagram

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