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Ellee Duke drops new single ‘Animal’.

Ellee Duke wrote ‘Animal’ in the midst of the pandemic in her living room. After posting it on Instagram there were so many positive comments and requests for her to release it. I for one are glad she did! I enjoy listening to ‘Animal’ due to the unique beautiful vocal sound that Ellee has. The meaning of the song is very relatable to anyone that has been in a relationship that you love and care too much, and forgive behaviour that hurts. I love that the lyrics share a positive message after the pain of the relationship. “I was feeling so dead inside but now I am fully living” Exactly how I felt after an abusive relationship was over. In fact, I am really impressed with the quality of the lyrics, they are meaningful and relatable. Take a close listen to the lyrics here, it is well worth it. I look forward to hearing more from Ellee Duke.

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