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Shelly Peled releases new single called ‘Another Life’ ft Kesem Fine.

Tel Aviv-based artist, singer, and performer Shelly Peled has a brilliant and beautiful vocal sound that has a touch of uniqueness that kept me engaged throughout her new single ‘Another Life’. This tune mixes many genres and has an appearance by rapper Kesem Fine that adds to the appeal of the song. I adore the clever and meaningful lyrics, with ‘I can’t seem to calm my aching soul‘ at the start, I immediately related to the meaning. The song explores the concept of looking to yourself rather than relying on others to make your life happy and fulfilled. There is also an entertaining music video that supports the message. Shelly makes music magic with partner and co-producer, Alon Peled and I for one can’t wait to hear what they do next. Check out ‘Another Life’ ft Kesem Fine here.

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