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Hunter Moreau releases brilliant new single ‘Sleepyhead’.

I am super impressed with a rising pop singer called Hunter Moreau. Her music sounds amazing! The music is unique and catchy and her vocals are incredible. Her latest single ‘Sleepyhead’ is insanely fantastic. Hunter expresses her real self through her music and encourages others to let themselves be vulnerable to really experience life. Hunter began singing lessons at the age of eight and from the age of twelve, her talent was noticed when she auditioned and was accepted in Showstoppers, a singing troupe in her hometown of Mattapoiset. Using this experience and other influences Hunter has carved out her own unique music expression. With a blend of indie, pop and soul her sound is refreshing and worthy of listening and adding to your favourite playlist. ‘Sleepyhead’ could be written about my sleeping or non sleeping patterns of late. The battle in my mind of things I need to do, emotions I am feeling, how others think of me, etc etc. I am sure most relate to this! Sleepyhead explores this and looks out how our mind is our own way of thinking and how that can change. I can’t wait to hear more from Hunter Moreau! Take a listen to ‘Sleepyhead’ here.


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