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Prolific Songwriter, Singer and Actor Meatloaf Has Died At 74

With over 100 Million records sold, and over 65 appearances on stage and screen the artist known as Meatloaf has left a huge impact and now void in our lives.

I grew up on a steady diet of Meatloaf. Not the kind with potatoes, but the epic and sometimes operatic sounds from Marvin Lee Aday. There is no denying his powerful voice or how incredibly artistic he was.

My first memory of any of his music was “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”. It was the look into the teenage angst and pressure of premarital sex during a time when discussions of such topics were taboo. That seems like a lifetime ago.

Not only did he write and perform multiplatinum mega hits, but he also wrote songs that zoomed up the charts for other artists such as “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.

He was a Broadway actor, a television actor, a movie star, a singer and song writer. He has even done Shakespeare. His most memorable on screen appearance was in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as Eddie, the ne’re-do-well and ill-fated, saxophone playing biker.

Sometimes underrated and certainly under awarded, this man owned the seventies and finally got a Grammy in the nineties for “I Would Do Anything For Love”. It was labelled by Rolling Stone as ” One of the most stunning comebacks”.

His passing comes as a complete shock as previously he had announced that he was back in the studio recording and was a guest at the upcoming Motor City Comic Con.

His passing was announced on his Facebook page. His wife, daughters and a few close friends were by his side. He will be missed.

Additional sources: Artist’s Facebook page and

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