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Dear Sunday tell Jen their Top 5 Music Influences!

Check out Dear Sunday’s latest single below! Read my review here

Australia and the world really needs to get to know newcomers Dear Sunday! They are Ben Swanson (vocals/rhythm guitar), Eligh L’Ecluse (drums), Mason Nguyen (lead guitar), Calvin Fennell (bass).

Dear Sunday’s Top 5 Music Influences

1. Spacey Jane – Spacey are so influential in the Perth music scene. It is so awesome to see a bad coming from our isolated state doing so well. They are out there living the dream that we all aspire to have. Aside from their success, their sound that they have is such a great sound to have playing while having a boogie or even just hanging around with friends.

2. Ocean Alley – In terms of music style and tone we love Ocean Alley, they have a perfect blend of tough, sophisticated yet super chilled and catchy all at the same time.

3. The Kooks – The Kooks since day 1 have been a big musical influence (especially for Mason he is a big fanboy). They continue to release great music and their album Inside In/Inside Out is probably one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Also, they gave us a shoutout on their story so that was pretty sick.

4. A Tribe Called quest – Nothing can beat popping on some Tribe Called Quest beats while kickin’ it around. If you haven’t ever done that before do yourself a favour and do so.

5. DICE – These guys are like our little brothers. We started around a similar time and have been meeting everyone in the Perth scene in the last 2 years together. For the shortest time they have been together they have done everything right. Their sound is such a feel good uplifting sound with the catchiest melodies.

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