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Estella Dawn drops new single ‘Buzzcut’

Estella Dawn has an amazing ability to write and release brilliant songs often. 16 singles since 2020! Each song is unique and has a deep meaning. Born .in New Zealand, and based in the US, this amazingly talented artist writes meaningful songs that are relatable as well as being great to listen to. Estella’s latest single called ‘Buzzcut’ showcases her beautiful vocals as well as her wide range. This song explores how females are prone to changing themselves to suit a man early in a relationship. ‘Buzzcut’ flips this, and encourages women to be true to yourself rather than change behaviour/looks/eating habits and of course our opinions. Take a listen to ‘Buzzcut’ here.

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“Estella Dawn brings us another sample of her compositional and vocal ability. “Vixen” is a song that carries, in its poetics, a powerful message. That power, too, is reflected in the instrumental aspect of the song, and in the beautiful intensity of the song’s vocal section.”

                Fernando Nunez – VISUAL ATELIER 8

“Estella Dawn is a talent that needs to get her time in the spotlight. The moment you hear her voice cut through you are reminded almost of an Alicia Keys-esc power ballad.” 

Hannah Schneider – Unheard Gems

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