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SATURDAY’S CHILD is a studio project created by Australian producer-songwriter-musicians, Victor Stranges and Frank Apicella.

Stranges and Apicella became acquainted when they separately attended a recording session run by legendary Australian record producer Mark Opitz AM at Thirty Mill Studios Melbourne Australia in March 2021.

Both sharing Southern Italian backgrounds, similar life experiences and the love of creating music, the pair immediately connected.

“I bought the cannoli and Frank made the espresso” – joked Stranges.

This connection resulted in the birth of SATURDAY’S CHILD.

SATURDAY’S CHILD’s debut single ‘Cola’ is a slow-burning, soulful, melancholy song with a lyrical sting.

Melbourne-based R&B singer Ema Jay delivers a tender, smooth, care-free vocal that belies the song’s lyrical themes of a relationship turned bad.

Stranges and Apicella purposefully recorded the track with real drums without quantising the beat, thus giving an authentic feel of what pop music can sound like with a modern-day production. 

‘Cola’ is released on Possum Records and available from major digital platforms Friday 1st July 2022.

Genres Soul / R&B / Pop


MEDIA CONTACT: Michael Matthews Media


MOBILE: +61 418 536 637

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