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Interview: Little Sea

Words: Jen Rees

After hearing that an Australian band had spent some time writing with Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau (Simple Plan) I contacted their manager to see if I could find out how that session went. If you have not already heard of Little Sea, check them out.

Hi Guys, you have just had a writing session with Pierre and Chuck, so I thought it would be great to hear about your experience doing that. First of all I would like to ask some background questions so our readers can get to know you.

You are from Sydney, Australia, how did you guys all meet and form Little Sea?
The four of us had been playing in local bands for a while, and once Andy and Ollie started putting covers up on YouTube it soon became clear that this was something more than covers so they needed a full band. Leighton and Dylan were the perfect fit as musicians as well as songwriters so they were asked to join soon after

You have an EP called Wake the Sun that you have released that readers can purchase here for $5. How does your writing process usually go? Is it a whole band approach?
The EP was written with just the four of us jamming out in Leightons bedroom, we always work together when writing! It’s an extremely collaborative process, most of the time one of us will come in with a simple lyric or melody that we will expand on during our rehearsal.

Did you record the EP by yourself or have someone record and produce it for you?
We recorded the EP at Electric Sun Studios in Sydney with our good friend and producer Stevie Knight.

You have done a few Official Music videos (The Lucky Ones, Thank You). How much fun did you have doing these? The music video for “Thank You” looked like you had a blast.
They are always a fun experience, especially our first few as we shot them all with the help from our friends!

On your YouTube channel there are many covers that you have done that our readers would love to watch, my favourite would be Naïve but The Kooks, Can We Dance by the Vamps, or maybe The 1975’s Chocolate. Do you take requests from fans for your covers? Probably our readers (Simple Plan Space magazine) would like a Simple Plan one!
We had been taking requests for covers back before we started to release original music, so who knows! Could happen again…

Have you done many Australian Tours? I can see that you have included Perth in one tour, that is unusual for an East Coast band.
We have been up the East Coast a couple of times as both acoustic and full band set, including a support slot with 5 Seconds of Summer. We decided to head over to Adelaide and Perth for some acoustic performances as well, before we left for America.

As I have been listening to your EP and watching your videos, it amuses me that you have a song titled ‘Thank You’ as well as a song called ‘The Lucky Ones’. Did Pierre and Chuck comment on that as they have songs titled the same?
That is a funny coincidence! I’m not sure whether they put that together, if they did they never mentioned it to us!

How did you get the chance to write with Pierre and Chuck?
We met them through some friends at a concert and got along really well. They showed us some of their demos for the new record and we showed them ours, and thought it would be fun to write together. So we ended up finding a day in both of our schedules in LA to jam out.

To work with two of the worlds best writers (yeah I am a little biased… haha) must have been a dream for you. Did it feel a little surreal for you?
It was great working with them, especially growing up listening to their songs. Was very cool!

Can you please tell us about the writing session? How long did it go for, how many songs did you write and are their any funny stories that happened?
We just worked over one day at Chuck’s house, it was loads of fun! We managed to finish a track that we were both really happy with, before Chuck had to leave for a wedding. Being an extremely hot LA day, it was quite funny to write with Chuck in full wedding attire (suit, tie and all haha)!

The songs that you were writing with them are they for you to release or did you do a song for Simple Plan to use?
We are not sure! I think we will probably end up releasing the track but at this stage we haven’t locked anything in.

Do you think that you learnt from Pierre and Chuck in regards to your process of writing songs? If so, what in particular?
They were a really good duo in the way that Chuck came up with awesome lyrical ideas and concepts for the song, and Pierre had an awesome ear for melodies. They really work well off each other.

Is there any time frame for you to release the songs that you wrote? SP fans will love to hear what the outcome was of your day.
Unfortunately at this stage we are not sure when it will be released! Hopefully soon.

What other things did you get up to in LA? You had a meet and great in a park?
Yeah we decided to do a quick acoustic pop up near Santa Monica Pier! Was a great experience, we expected maybe 20 people to come but to have over 100 just from a few days of tweeting was nuts. Especially considering we were on the otherside of the planet!

What is next for Little Sea? Can you share your plans for the future with us?
At the moment we are just finishing up our work on the album and getting the songs to be best quality possible. We have a single releasing coming up really soon and some touring plans in the works. Lots of things to look forward to!

The day after I interviewed Little Sea they made this great announcement on their Facebook page:

Hi everyone!

Excited to announce that we have officially signed with Sony Music Entertainment joining a roster of incredible artists including Tonight Alive, One Direction and The 1975! We are really excited to be a part of such a strong team who understand what we are trying to do as a band. With their help, we are working towards the release of our debut album as well as our new single (more information on that coming soon). We are really excited to share new music with you guys through Sony and know that we are doing our best to make you guys proud! Massive end of the year ahead and we are already planning for 2015. Thank you for your constant support! Without you these opportunities wouldn’t be possible, epic to share this journey with you all…. We still have a long way to go! #LittleSeaSony

Over and out,

Andy, Dylan, Leighton and Ollie


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