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Suffocation and Decapitated announce Australian & New Zealand tour!

Metropolis Touring is extremely proud to present


SUFFOCATION & DECAPITATED announce Australian and New Zealand 2015 Tour!

Death metal: Widely imitated, rarely duplicated. Many bands don’t have the skill or the balls to hang with the big guns. However, 2 of the best acts around today in the iconic SUFFOCATION and the merchants of brutality DECAPITATED are teaming up for a co-headlining showdown between American and European death metal in Australia and New Zealand.


Without any argument, New York’s SUFFOCATION are known for their style of fusing aspects of technical modern metal with the percussive, brutal attack of classic death metal which prove they proudly stand well above the myriads of metal bands in the world today.


Since their inception way back in 1988, SUFFOCATION have been terrorising stages across the globe for 25+ years with a backlog of explosively brutal cuts such as Pierced From Within, As Grace Descends, Thrones Of Blood, Infecting The Crypts, Breeding The Spawn and Effigy Of The Forgotten that violently bludgeon your senses while making you bang your head to the uber-groove with technical and precise guitar wizardry melded together with a bone crushing rhythm section and savagely fierce vocal assault, the band proves with every show why they are as well respected as they are. Just listen to their latest album Pinnacle Of Bedlam and you will see what we mean.

When it comes to SUFFOCATION’s live show, Metal Injection summed it up best – “Seeing Suffocation live is something every extreme metal fan has to do at least once, because their studio albums, no matter how incredible they may be, don’t come close to capturing the true atmosphere of their sound. Believe me, go see them live and you’ll be indoctrinated with a whole new understanding of one of the most innovative and influential death metal bands in history’’




Formed in 1996, Krosno, Poland’s DECAPITATED are widely known as one of the worlds most innovative and respected exponents of technical death metal bolstered with layers of groove that has earned them respect with their peers, critics and fans alike.

DECAPITATED are extremely tight live and deliver an assault of their aforementioned sound with a venomous attack delivered with insane levels of energy and passion.

They were fast on the rise worldwide until they met with an unfortunate series of incidents in Russia where their former vocalist Adrian “Covan” Kowanek and founding drummer Witold “Vitek” Kiełtyka were injured and killed respectively. However, light comes out of black – the events inspired the DECAPITATED machine to continue on and they came back stronger than ever with Carnival Is Forever and an ensuing world tour. Fast forward to 2014, they just released their newest album Blood Mantra that is massacring ears all over the world to critical acclaim!




So, prepare to Despise The World Australian / New Zealand Tour 2015 with the mighty SUFFOCATION and DECAPITATED coming to demolish Australian and New Zealand shores in May!

See these Death Metal giants on the following dates:

Thu 30th April – Christchurch – DuxLive
Fri 1st May – Wellington – Bodega
Sat 2nd May – Auckland – Kings Arms
Wed 6th May – Adelaide – The Gov
Thu 7th May – Brisbane – The HiFi
Fri 8th May – Sydney – The Manning Bar
Sat 9th May – Melbourne – Corner Hotel
Sun 10th May – Perth – The Rosemount Hotel

Tickets on Sale 9:00am Wednesday 26th November Via:




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