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The Matches Concert Review Corner Hotel Melbourne 17/1/2015


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing The Matches at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. This band had headed Down under for a tenth year anniversary of their album ‘E. Von Dhal Killed The Locals’ which they played every song on the album.

As soon as they hit the stage they had the crowd screaming lyrics back at them. What was most impressive to me was how much fun the band was having while remaining note perfect for each song. In typical Pop Punk style their hyperactivity meant the crowd was transformed into another world. One of the highlights was Shawn renaming ”Say 18” to “Say 27” saying that song had aged as the crowd had as well. During this song Shawn crowd surfed and I don’t mean leaning into the crowd being held by security but being carried by the crowd a few times, sometimes with his guitar and sometimes not. They also pulled up a singer from a band that they had met in Adelaide, and let him give his band a plug.

Overall a sweet as gig. It was one of those gigs that you wish you could relive over and over. I hope that this is not a one off tour for them as I do think that it would be a sad day for them not to reform and write new music. Would love to see them again!

IMG_8753IMG_8728 IMG_8775

Set list

Dog Eared Page

Audio Blood

Chain Me Free

Borderline Creep

The Restless

Local Boys

Eryan Smith

Say 18

The Jackslap Cheer

Destination Sick Little Suicide


What Katie Said


Point Me

Papercut Skin


Written by Jen Rees Images by Jen Rees

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