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Jen Interviews Brian from A Wilhelm Scream about their upcoming Australian tour.

A1I had the chance to have a chat with Brian, the bass player about their upcoming Australian tour.
Hi Brian, how are you?
I am ok, we are just currently driving around Englewood Colorado right now.
I did see that you have a gig tonight and a day that was meant to be your rest day!
Well we knew that there was a gig but it was sort of impromptu with all forms of advertising and whatnot.
It sounds like me you guys liked it tour hard!
Yes for the most part, we also like to not tour hard! ( laughing)
So you can get some rest.
Yeah, once in awhile.
You have been to Australia before for Soundwave and Hits and Pits Festival.
Yeah, we were there in 2013 for the Hits and Pits Festival. Yeah I was there!
Will you be selling your new Partycrasher Guitar Tab Book at your Australian gigs?
I would assume so but let me check on that. We might try and bring a few, there are a lot of notes and the ink and pages…
Yeah It would be quite heavy.
So we will try and bring a few, do you want one?
Yes I do! I will get one! Any tour tees for sale?
We will have T-shirts for sale, I don’t know about the tour T-shirts, I’m just the bassist!
You have just announced a second Melbourne show, my home town! And Sydney…. great idea about having a request night, and having fans give their requests over facebook. Have you done this before?
actually we have, it turned out really well, it was a lot of fun and we got to go over a few things, a few songs that we had not played in a while. In the end we realized how much we loved playing them live. it is exciting for us, it’s a challenge and I enjoy going back playing something that we haven’t played for a long time. Then walking off stage and saying yeah that was really fun to play.
How far back do you go? Have you played something that you released in 2000?
There were a few requests but not too many from back then. We usually play them in the New England area as we know that people really want to hear those early songs. It’s request them we will do our best to practice and then play them.
It just seems so long ago!
Well it was 15 years! (Laughing)
Yeah and we are all getting older.AWS2
I was quite young back then and I’m not any more.
Ha, neither am I!
Back to the rest of the tour, will you be playing any new songs or will we have to be patient for a new record?
Probably the newest things will be playing is off Party Crasher. I will make sure it is a decent blend of the old stuff and the new stuff. The guys give me the chance to ride out the set list, I try to find the best mix and I try and make sure that we start off strong and we end strong and we have a lot of fun in between.
So you write the set list yourself does the rest of the band have an input?
Yes, I write the set list, my initial thoughts and then give it to them, then say what they think and collectively we come up with the best set list that we all put together.
Will the set list but the same for all cities or do you mix it up a bit?
On the last tour that will been doing we have been swapping the new songs, the songs of Party Crasher here and there. sometimes we don’t think that one song fits in the set and we talk about it and will put in a different song.
Which Aussie city are you looking forward to coming to the most?
Well if I say one city, that means people in other cities are going to be mad about my answer is that right?
Yes because if you Sydney I am going to hangup. (both laughing)
I think Australia, speaking for myself, is one of my favorite countries that I’ve ever toured to. When I was 16 years old I never thought that I would ever get to travel that far to play punk rock but I think maybe one of my most favorite shows in Australia ever was at the Art house in Melbourne.
That is definitely the right answer. (both Laughing)
It was just the most energetic appreciative crowd, there was no stupid fights there was no one being macho or anything like that, there was so much energy and so much camaraderie between what we will putting out and what we were getting back from the crowd.
It will probably be the same people there at your shows that were there then, when I go to shows like yours it’s the same crowd that go to all the punk rock shows over the years. We are just a bit older that’s all that has changed. (Laughing) There is hardly any of the younger crowd there.
You know what it is sorta the same thing over here. Every member of the band is now in our 30s and a lot of the places that we have been before, we have made friends everywhere we have toured to. It is a common topic of conversation, like wow remember when we were 16 and going to punk shows. I am not going in a mosh pit ever again. I don’t wanna pull a tendon or dislocate a shoulder or worry about old people problems.
Yeah. I still go in the mosh pits at soundwave but only the smaller stages, and I’ll try and get barrier so I’m not involved in the circle pit or the Wall of death.
Yeah if you’re over 30 you don’t wanna be in the wall of death.
Our drummer Nick wont go on stage without his fish oil pills.
It is a coming-of-age thing.
When you are here do you have any time for sight seeing?
I have no idea, every time that we have a day off we still play shows but I’m sure will say the opera house again and I’m sure our guitar player Mike will want to hold a Koala again or the snake, he might go for the snake this time. (laughing)
Brian and I have a chat about some of the songs they have written that have had a personal impact on my life, which was great.
Brian said that on behalf of the entire band they are looking forward to coming to Australia and to play shows.
Thanks Brian, enjoy your tour with Pennywise, and we will see you shortly!
Great thanks a lot Jen.


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