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Jen catches up with Bradley from Emarosa to talk about their new album Versus and their upcoming Australian tour.

Emarosa’s fans have been waiting for many years for a new album. It was worth the wait with their album Versus right on point. I had the opportunity to chat with Bradley Emarosa’s new lead singer thanks to John Howard.


Since the departure of former front man Jonny Craig, EMAROSA spent more than 3 years in search of a new vocalist, solidifying their new lineup whilst relentlessly writing. The resulting product is ‘ Versus’ which sees EMAROSA at the top of their game and delivering their best work yet with Sputnik music calling versus “A fantastic collection of music and it will be fascinating to see where the bands new –found confidence takes them next” 4.5/5.

Hi Bradley, it is Jen from Music Injection, how are you going?
I’m good how are you? Not too bad thanks.
I am going to ask a few personal background questions if that is ok.
Sure. We have just finished rehearsals.
Wow I just got out of bed! (Both laughing)

Bradley, was Squid the Whale your first band that you were in?
Yes that was my first real go at music.
Was it really hard to leave that band?
Not really I just played reunion show with them last week and they are still good friends of mine and we still stay in contact and they knew that this was the real good opportunity for me and they are friends really more than just band members.
What is the story of you joining the Emarosa, did they approach you?
Well actually John Stewart came across a You Tube video of me singing and contacted me via email and asked if I was interested to come down to Kentucky from Detroit to and jamming with them. So I did and over the course of writing and going back and forth we just decided it was the right fit.
Was there any problems that arose joining the band?
No nothing like that but it is hard to come into a new band that is already established with a fan base there is an expectation from the band and so was difficult to transition especially from an infamous previous singer, there were a lot of hills to climb but I think we are still climbing them and we are still going through everything. In far as difficulty like the old songs there is never any difficulty you know performing with the band life, eventually we just came into a groove and just became easier.
How do you cope with the negativity of changing so many band members? Everyone seems to have an opinion on social media these days.
I don’t worry about them, I make music for myself, at the start it bothered me, you know like that would bother anybody, I wasn’t used to that kind of criticism, but you know those that can’t do just critique, if those people on Facebook had the opportunity they will come to this band are not done a very good job. The band took four years to find me and it all worked out for the better. The people that are still trying to hold onto the past, they just need to move on.
Yeah clearly things change and you are the right man for the job.
Thank you!
I saw that you listened to Yellowcard as a kid and you got to support them recently how was that experience?
It was pretty surreal it was a lot of fun, I met them I thought they were going to be like Dick heads because they have been doing this forever and they are proberly jaded and then I finally met them and now I just hanging out backstage and I realise that these guys were the nicest dudes ever, Mac the violin player has become a really good friend of mine, it is really surreal to be friends of musicians that you looked up to, before I really got into music, even before I started to pursue music I loved Yellowcard.
What age where you when you decided to pursue music?
I would say maybe 22. I started kind of late. I just kind of made the right steps and dropped everything to be pursue it.
Yeah I’m used to interviewing bands that all met at high school and they knew that they want to become musicians and that is all they wanted to do.
Yeah a lot of people start when they are 15 playing in their parents garages. My mum has videos of me standing at the fireplace with a flashlight singing when I was five but I never realistically started to consider it until later.
That is really cute.
Has the band been working on it for the last four years or did they and yourself have a break for a while?
No, I wanna say about 2 1/2 to 3 years in is when we started working together, it took about a year for us to write all the songs and record the record. Then a year and half to release it. So for a long time they were just writing in the studio for years trying to not give up and keep making music. They believed that they wanted to be back at it. It all turned out for the better.
I read that the recording process of Versus was not as smooth as it could have been, is there a story behind that?
Not really there was just so much pressure and an at that point in time for putting a lot of pressure on ourselves. Some original members of the band were just so defeated that it took so long. They had moved on in their personal life so was harder for them to move on from the band and say goodbye, so was really difficult to get through it the way we wanted to. With starting a new band we want to make the record but we also have the bridge that we needed to build between the old fans and the new. we need to make sure that we didn’t do abandon people that have been waiting for this album for so long. It would have been like a slap in the face of the people that helped built the band.
There has to be a Story behind the title, can you tell us that? Emarosa_Versus,_2014

Yes essentially, the only thing that we were really going against with working on the record in coming out trying to be a band again was ourselves. It was like Emarosa versus Emarosa. It was us against the time that the band had taken off, it pretty much felt like the deck was stacked. We felt it was the perfect title to define the whole time that they were gone, the only thing that was going to stop them being a band was ourselves. So versus just seemed a perfect fit.
The song that I can relate to the most off Versus is I’ll Just Wait. Seriously the acoustic version brings tears to my eyes.
Wow thankyou!

Is there a stand out song on the album for you? I would have to say for the band it was(audio distorted I missed his answer). for me it was 1996 on Bevard, that would be the one that is most important to me just for personal reasons the song is self-explanatory and that is the one that I had so much fun recording.
(Sibbo’s question) The lyrics of the new album, especially the tune Gold Dust, seem to come from a very personal place, could you share the story about those feelings if thats the case?
I think it is always a cool concept when people tell me what the song means to them, some people say I do I listen to Gold Dust all But You Won’t Love a Ghost or Cliff Notes and it really got me through a bad time in my life and that is really cool because it might not be anywhere near what the song means to me but the fact that they found meaning in it and the fact that help them I think that is so rad. I almost like to keep my reasons to myself as I don’t want to ruin the potential for somebody else to have a different meaning for that song and that it means something else to them.
Your tour poster’s for Australia design is really cool, who designed that? You know what I’m trying to think, let me ask the rest of the band. Bradley asked the rest of the band and they did not know.
Well my next question was who designs your merch as there is so much of it and such a variety.
Well actually we usually come up with ideas and then the company that we do merch through they will make it, a lot of merch places have in-house people that design them and sometimes hot topic would ask us to do a shirt for them and then they will send us some designs and we would work on that. Pretty much we get the ideas and it goes from there.
Will you be selling most of that merch at your Australian Shows?
Yes we will for sure.
Have you ever been to Australia before?
I have not, I’ve never been and I’m really looking forward to.
Is there anything that you are keen to see?
Everyone asked me that and I really don’t know. I want take in the culture and meet new people, I want to see the countryside and just experience everything Australian.
Are you going to Perth?
Yes that is actually our first show.
That’s great because a lot of bands don’t. Perth is absolutely beautiful.
What should I do there? We might even have a day off.
Fremantle Market is great.
Well if you have a car you could drive down to Mandurah and see the dolphins. I love dolphins so we went down there just to say that and to sit there and watch the dolphins play was amazing.
I love dolphins too!
Well that is worth the trip.
I live in Melbourne. The best city haha. You play two shows there and I will see you at the AA one. Happy to help you at that show.
Great thanks!
Oh and you just announced that you’re playing Warped, is at the first time that Emarosa is playing at Warped?
No, they played there in 2010, personally this will be my first time playing at Warped.
Do you like being called Brad?
Actually I prefer Bradley.
Well you are going to have to tell everyone you met that you prefer Bradley as Australians shorten every name, so you will get Brad a lot!
I will have to have it on my shirt!
Ha good idea.
Well that is all I have for you today. Safe trip over here and it wont be long until you are here.
Yeah I can’t wait!
Thanks for the chat.
No thank you! I will talk to you soon.
Thanks Brad, I mean Bradley haha!
OK Bye (laughing)

Check out the official video for: ”PEOPLE LIKE ME, WE JUST DON’T PLAY”

Joining EMAROSA will be Sydney upstarts ‘ AWAKEN I AM ’ whom recently released their debut album ‘ Shields And Crowns’ which debuted at number 34 on the Australian Aria charts.




Tickets available at the door



Tickets available at the door



With guests Belle Haven, Renegade Armada and Brighter At Night

Tickets available at



With Guests TBA

Tickets available at



Far Away Stables and Dear Seattle

Tickets available at |



With guests Take Us To Vegas and Skies Collide

Tickets available at



With guests Serene + More TBA

Tickets available at


* AWAKEN I AM not appearing



Interview by Jen

Research Assistant Sibbo

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