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Leigh from Palace of the King tells Jen about their debut album

I encourage you to check out Palace of the King who about to head overseas to do a European Tour. You can catch them in Melbourne and Sydney before they go, read on for more details. Like them on Facebook to keep up with their news. Their debut album WHITE BIRD/BURN THE SKY is now available through their Bandcamp merch store. Check it out at the link below and grab a CD copy, HQ digital download or STREAM the album in it’s entirety for FREE!

Hi Leigh, your album WHITE BIRD/BURN THE SKY was released on the 19th of June. I have listened to it and love it. you guys have only been together for two years is that right?

Are you the typical met at high school kinda band? If not how did you meet?

Yeah we have been together around 2.5 almost 3 years. Myself and Harri the other guitarist went to high school together so there’s a bit of that typical story in there! Harri and I wanted to put a band together like what Palace of the King is now and we had been jamming with Anthony our drummer – just the three of us with no bass or vocals. We recorded some really rough demos, basically just getting ideas down and were emailing them around to lots of different people looking for a singer. One of the people emailed was Tim who is now our singer. At first we didn’t even think of him joining the band, we actually contacted him because we thought he might be able to help us find someone. Anyway he really liked what he heard and didn’t want to give the gig to anyone else! Instead he recorded some vocals over the demos and sent them back to us. Without even meeting we already had a three track demo kicking around. Eventually we all got in a room together and started exploring more ideas and Tim brought Andrew our bassist in and we found Sean our organ / keys man on Youtube and invited him to sit in one night. That’s when our six piece line up was completed and it’s been that way ever since.

I love the funk that is Burn Bridges. Each track is so different and I love that. Just when I think, this has sounds of rock and roll, blues then I heard the intro to Burn Bridges that has a bit of a funk sound to it.

Which song to you love to play live? I really hope you play that one live!

I like that song too, we have recently just rehearsed it up well enough to play live so it will definitely feature in the set from now on. There’s definitely a few funk influences seeping into our sound which I think is great. A few of us like Funkadelic, Sly & the Family Stone and those kinds of bands, some of their stuff is so catchy its gets stuck in your head and comes out when you’re jamming new ideas. My favourite song to play live right now is “Aint Got Nobody To Blame But Myself”. It’s one of the longer tracks and I love the main riff. It’s great to settle in onstage with the longer songs and enjoy the ebbs and flows that they often have.

You have a few dates left in Australia then head of to Europe in October, which will come quickly the way this year is going, Have you announced the dates yet?

Yes the main dates for us are July 4th at Cherry Bar, Melbourne and July 12th at Frankie’s Pizza Sydney. These are our VIC and NSW album launch shows. We’ve had some great gigs in the past at those venues but these will be different now that there’s a full length release on the merch table to unleash on the punters!

Where in Europe are you going?

Our European expedition starts in Belgium and then sees us play gigs in France, Germany and lastly Spain. It’s a fairly short tour but we’re packing in 24 gigs into 24 days so we’re making the most of the time we have there. Hopefully it goes well enough that we can return in early 2016 for a longer period.

Who designed your album cover? It is amazing. Certainly is eye catching!


A school friend of mine and Harri’s is a phenomenally talented tattoo artist. His name is Kristian Kimonides and you really should check out some of his work. He’s also very talented with other mediums such as drawing and water colour and he has designed the covers of all four of our releases to date. They’re all very eye catching and the album is no exception, he really hits the mark every time we get him on board to create something for us.

Can you describe for your readers the concepts behind a few of your songs?

Tim is our primary lyricist so I can’t speak on his behalf about the lyrics. From a musical perspective however many of the songs are about us distilling down the influences that six people bring to the band into our own thing and also trying to stretch ourselves as a band. On this album we’ve tried to evolve from what we created on our 2 EP’s and make a bigger sounding record. The album as a whole also has two titles – this a concept we dreamt up when imagining the finished product on vinyl. Side A has a title (White Bird) and Side B has its own title (Burn The Sky). Obviously it’s harder to appreciate this on a CD or digital version of the album however I’d encourage anyone with a turntable to get a vinyl copy of the record and enjoy to two distinct sides of the one album.

Are they from person experience?

Again, I can’t speak lyrically on Tim’s behalf but as a guitarist you can definitely put your experiences into a riff or melodic line. I remember when we were tracking “White Bird” (the song) in the studio our first take was a bit flat, it needed more energy and urgency. I thought about something that was really making me frustrated at the time and took it all out on the guitar; I was really playing it like I wanted to damage it or something! Anyway that take ended up on the album so your experiences can definitely shape the music you’re making no matter what role you play in a band.

Usually we will create ideas and jam them as a band while recording to make some rough demos. Then we’ll send them to Tim so he can write and sing lyrics over the top. This is how we started out as a band and it’s a system that hasn’t failed us yet so we keep running with it.

Faaprom what I hear this is the start of your amazing international career.

Haha, we hope so. We’re just going step at a time right now. It’s a long way up from here but we’re enjoying what we do right now and that makes taking on the challenges in front of us a lot easier to manage.

                                                                                              I wish you guys all the best!

Thanks Jen, appreciate your support!


Written by Jen

Artwork by Kristian Kimonides Tattoo Artist.


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