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Framing Hanley calls it quits with their final show August 1, 2015

After eight years, blasting on the music scene with an unlikely hit, Lollipop, three albums, seven singles, four top forty hits (three sliding into the top twenty five, and a gold record, and several trips around the world, Framing Hanley calls it quits with their final show August 1, 2015. Fittingly, the final bow will take place in the same town the crazy ride began.

The three founding members still remaining, Chris Vest, Brandon Wooten, and charismatic lead singer, Kenneth Nixon, Nix, as he came to be called will take the stage with lead guitarist Ryan Belcher, who has been side by side with them since 2008, and Johnathan Stoye at the Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN.

Kenneth Nixon was very clear in his posts this wasn’t about disagreements or strife in his official announcement “…at this juncture in out lives, we know that we cannot give Framing Hanley the time/attention/and overall nurturing required to keep this thing running in the capacity it has been for over eight years”. He also indicated that it wasn’t an easy decision, and they wanted to go out on their terms with respect to their accomplishments. I regards to his band mates he reiterated there was “nothing but love here” and they would remain friends.

In particular he reached to Europe and Australia saying “ We wish more than anything that we could return and have a “going out” party with you as well” but that it wasn’t an option, and that “it breaks our damn hearts”. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I chose to write this story.IMG_3409

I wanted everyone in Australia to know that yes, they are for real and they are a band of the fans. In the last five years I’ve become friends with this group of people and I assure you they are sincere in their desire to be there.

Reading through the official band timeline on Facebook, it looks to be a show with people from all over the United States in the audience. Knowing this, and reading the statistics, it’s hard to believe a band would want to call it quits. They even have a #fhamily  I can’t really say it was completely unexpected the album title “The Sum of Who We Are” could, in hindsight be seen as prophecy, as in this is all we have to left to give, but it is a dandy of an album. It just didn’t have the corporate money and push behind it to be the mega hit required to keep things up and running. The fact that this is happening daily is just a symptom of the decline of the music industry in the tech savvy computer age. Between piracy, music services taking huge cuts of the sales, and competition tripling daily, to say the rock star lifestyle isn’t what it used to be is an understatement.

In an industry, where just 15 years ago a hit song guaranteed a plush tour bus, and tons of cash, it’s now reduced to playing hundred of shows a year, and for some bands trying to sell just enough merchandise to cover their fuel to the next venue. It’s tough, and fandom and love won’t keep these ships afloat. It’s sad. If you can’t make it to the final Nashville show, on August first, please tweet me a photo with your Framing Hanley tshirt, or a farewell message @Belinda_vox #fhamily and I will make sure the band sees it! We will have an international party, and I will try not to cry.

“Criminal” from “The Sum of Who We Are”

“Hear Me Now” from “The Moment”

‘Stupid Girl” from “Promise to Burn”

Written and Photos by Belinda Glass Reedy

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