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Jen has a chat to Josh Radin before his upcoming Australian tour.

It was a real pleasure to interview an artist like Josh Radin. I kept getting lost in his music during my research. A super talented musician, a super nice guy and a generous benefactor to Little Kids Rock.

Hailing from Ohio, USA, Joshua Radin is a singer songwriter who is well loved all over the world. His work has been featured in countless TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, American Idol and many more, along with several features in films too. Playing to sold out crowds is a normal occurrence for him, and his work has been well received in Australia too. Joshua Radin now returns down under on the back of his 6th and latest album “Onward and Sideways”.

 Radin’s music is something that instantly creates a connection with the listener. His gentle and soothing voice, combined with melodic guitar strumming, strings and piano make for a very relaxed listening session. Bringing this to a live setting, the music evokes a heavy emotional response – you’ll be smiling, crying and laughing all at the same time. It makes for an event that should not be missed.

Check out the Joshua Radin clip for ‘’Winter’’:



His recorded music is gorgeous, but seeing it played live cannot even compare. It was magical and I wish it could have gone on forever.”

Resound Magazine

His latest album “Onward and Sideways” sees him return to his roots – penning intimate and expressive love songs with vivid songwriting. The songs chronicle a real-time journey from adoration to true love. The name of the album simply came from how the album was written, and the end result – he was sprawled across sideways on a bed in a hotel room, wanting to write a song for his girlfriend. It resulted in him writing some of his strongest material to date.

Jen had the chance to speak to Josh about his new album and tour a few days ago. 

Hi Josh, real pleasure to interview you. I was listening to your songs last night to prepare and I shut my eyes and listened and was amazed the places that your music took me.
Thank you so much, I love to hear that.

Your songs are so emotionally moving. Like really emotionally moving… how on earth do you write songs like that?
I guess I try everyday to stay in touch with my emotions.
You were a teacher before you were a musician?
Yeah I have had all sorts of jobs, one of them was being an art teacher to little kids. That was definitely my favourite job besides being a musician that I’ve had.
I’m a part-time teacher and I like that.
What do you teach?
I teach Food Tech and Humanities.
Did you start playing the guitar when you were 30?
No don’t say wow, I’m not that good.
Well you are better than I am ( both laughing) Seriously I mean you’re really good!
I like to play the bass to music.
Well firstly the female bass player is probably the most sexiest thing that you can do!
(Jen Laughing) I never really thought about it like that!
It is true ask any musician. A female drummer is up there too.
I do like to play the drums!
Well there you go!
We have a room in our house dedicated to musical instruments, I have two teenagers, if I had of had a few more kids we could of started a band.
(both laughing)

You have had many songs played in TV shows and movies, what do you think your songs have to be scored so many times in this way?
I think probably because they are emotional because usually they are used in emotional scenes. They complement the dialogue and the picture and also because my voice is very whispery the and quiet and can sometimes come in and out of the dialogue. So it doesn’t dominate the dialogue so I think directors and editors have told me they were the two reasons that they use them. I’m really fortunate that that is the case. It is a great way of getting your music out there.
It is, when I was explaining to people who I was interviewing tonight and I said that he was the guy that wrote and played Winter in Scrubs, they said oh I love that song.
Cool that was the first song I ever wrote.
Really that is brilliant! I would of thought that you would of been a seasoned artist by the time you wrote that song.
Thanks. You are too kind.

Is their one TV show or Movie in particular that you think was the best score for your songs?
I don’t know, most of them I have not seen.
ah ok.
So I don’t know.
I love that your album cover features the hotel bed where you wrote the songs for “Onward and Sideways to win a women’s heart, can you tell us about that? Well I was really burnt out from touring, writing and recording. So I called my manager and I told her that I was going to take a year off and that I was going to do nothing because there was this girl in Sweden that I had my eye on. I had known her for a while but not romantically so I flew over to Sweden, Stockholm to woo her in the old school way. so I got a hotel room and a would wait for her to get home from work every day, when she would come over and I would say I wrote you this, and I would show her some chorus or some lines, and anything that I could do to get her a fall in love with me. So in that way this album is different from the last five that I have written and recorded because these songs were just love letters to one person and I never thought about recording them and releasing them. When we fell in love I asked her even though the songs were a gift to her when she mind if I recorded them and released them and she gave me her blessing so I did and basically I think about it like generations ago, our grandparents or great-grandparents would go off to war and would write love letters home to their sweetheart and then you would see in a box later on and their grandchildren would read them and they would be tied up in a ribbon. I guess I just pictured this album to be like that.
Well I’d like you to thank her from me!
I connect to most We’ll Keep Running Forever as I’ve had an illness that has kept me home for so long and it reminds me when I was waiting for my husband.
Thank you so much!
Is there a song you connect to the most?
Yes and that’s the one and that is why I put it first.
Wow really?
You’re one of the few people that has actually said that they connect to that song. I’m always surprised when someone says that that is what it is and as long as any of the songs people love then that is great.
I love all of them it was just that one that really got me through the heart and part of my story. It felt like they were my lyrics that I could of written.
Your song Beautiful Day (feat Sheryl Crow) How did that come about collaborating with her?
I had supported her on tour many years ago. I was always amazed not only her talent but her professionalism and her attitude, there is so much that you can tell about and artist that is that famous and successful by people that they surround themselves with. Every single person that worked with her on that tour literally the nicest people I’d ever met. It was a huge honor that she said yes and that she would do this duet with me. I’m still kind of pinching myself. (Both laughing)
So your Australian Tour! You are heading here in September, how many times have you come here?  Yes I think this will be my fourth time,
Have you been to every city in Australia? Well the main cities I mean.
Well this will be my first time that I’m going to Perth, but the other towns Brisbane Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide or should I say Radelaide!
I’m from Melbourne so hope you love it here too.
Yes I love Melbourne, it is very chilled. Great sushi there!
Will your set list have some classics or mainly be off your latest album?
Definitely. Mostly older stuff just because I treat my audience like I was part of the audience, I play the stuff that I’d like to hear. I don’t like to hear bands new albums for the whole set list.
I think that is great!
I know that there’s people in the crowd that they have their specific songs that they want hear so, one of the great things about iTunes or that kind of thing you can look up the most listened to songs and the most downloaded songs and I try and factor that in when I’m coming up with set lists because I’m playing to the audience are not playing to myself. If I want to play to myself I could do it in my bedroom, I’m there to please the people.
I am really looking forward to you Melbourne show, I will shooting you there. I will enjoy your music while I am there!
The charity Little Kids Rock, do you support them?
Yes very much so. It is an amazing organization. As we spoke about before I used to a teacher and I just think that any program that funds and provides music education to any kids who wouldn’t otherwise receive it due to lack of funding is an amazing thing. I think that everyone should be able to experience music education and able to learn an instrument growing up, it fosters creativity. I don’t want to sound like some sort of Mother Teresa I actually do it selfishly because it makes me feel so good.
I think that is the human spirit that we want to help others. Especially if we have a talent like you do.
It was great talking to you, sadly our time is up. I look forward to meeting you.
Thanks so much Seeya.

For more information on Little Kids Rock you can check it out here


We are dedicated to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to unlock their inner music-maker. That is Little Kids Rock’s mission, and since 2002, we have given more than 400,000 underserved schoolchildren across the U.S. access to fun, engaging, Modern Band music classes and brand new instruments at no cost to the students, teachers, or school districts.

Little Kids Rock trains public school teachers and donates all of the instruments, curricular resources and support they need to ensure that their kids receive the right to rock! What makes Little Kids Rock different is that they do more than just donate instruments like guitars, drums and keyboards; they build lasting music programs that focus on teaching kids to perform, improvise and compose the popular music genres that they already know and love, like rock, pop, blues, hip-hop, country, reggae and R&B.

Watch this for more info




Sunday 6th September: PERTH – Rosemount Hotel

Tuesday 8th September: ADELAIDE – The Gov

Wednesday 9th September: MELBOURNE – Corner Hotel

Thursday 10th September: SYDNEY – Metro Theatre

Friday 11th September: BRISBANE – Max Watts


 TICKETS ON SALE 9.00am – Thursday 4th June 2015.

 Written by Jen Rees


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