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Chris Henderson from 3 Doors Down chats to Jen about working out Australian Tour dates and their new Album ‘Us and the Night’

2016 is going to be a great year for 3 Doors Down! From performances at Welcome to Rockville, Fort Rock Festival and Carolina Rebellion Festival to releasing their sixth full-length album, Us And The Night and soon to announce a headlining tour that includes Australia!

“In The Dark” is due to be released March 11th. Fans can pre-order the album starting immediately. All those who pre-order the album will receive an instant download of their first single “In The Dark” and “The Broken” the second single.

Pre order now: ‘US AND THE NIGHT’ iTunes link

On the new album Brad Arnold notes: “We’re all excited to release our new album Us And The Night. It’s truly been a labour of love and we can’t wait to get these songs out to our fans around the world.” 

I had the chance for a very early morning phone interview with Chris. Australian fans will be stoked with his answer “It definitely is” when I asked him if Australia would see them soon.

1Hi Chris, How are you?

Awesome, how are you?

Not too bad, I have only just woken up so apologies if I sound a bit sleepy, but it was worth getting up this early to have a chat to you.

No problems.

You have a super busy year this year, with the release of ‘Us and the Night’, three festivals and you are announcing a tour soon. Any chance if Australia is in your mind for that tour?

It definitely is, we are talking about it now and trying to figure out when, where and how and how it all fits together. It is not the easiest thing to do but we are definitely coming because we haven’t been to you in a while.

Awesome! Yes that is true, how many times have you been now?

Three times.

Out of everything that you have planned for the year what are you looking forward to the most?

You know just getting back out and seeing our friends and meeting new people and making new friends. One of the cool things about being in a band and this band in particular is that we have all being really assessable, our fans can get to us, it is not like we are living behind a glass wall or anything like that. They can hit us up on twitter or instagram and Facebook. Everyone in the band runs their own account, it is pretty peculiar that fans can get to us like that and we get to go out and meet new people and make new friends and I think that is what I am most looking forward to.

Can you tell me how it came about that Chet and Justin joined the band? Am I right that Chet was your guitar tech?

He was yes, before he was my guitar tech,  he was an engineer in my studio in Nashville. He was a great guiter player and a good musician and a real joy to be around, he is a really nice guy. My old guitar tech, who used to be my guitar tech is now a band member of Shinedown, Zach Myers and when he left to join Shinedown, I had to hire somebody so I hired Chet. Chet was my guy and when Matt got sick, Chet stepped in to fill in.

Usually when you write and record a record you have a direction that you want to go. I have listened to “Us and the Night quiet a few times and I was thinking that it is most like ‘The Better Life’. For our readers that are keen for the release of this album can you tell us if you had a direction in mind and does the album have all the elements of 3 Doors Down?

We did not really have a direction, we just started writing. What we did is we just started writing the record and then the record would just take it’s own direction, it the music tries to tell you where it is going. Before you know it you are basically just writing about your life at that moment so whenever you take a record to be, well for us anyway, we write about not specific things but we write about our lives and what is happening at the moment we are writing in. It is like a snap shot of where we were, you know, and the second part of that question…. you know I got sidetracked, what was it again?

Sure! For our readers that are keen for the release of this album can you tell us if you had a direction in mind and does the album have all the elements of 3 Doors Down?

Yes it does and more! I think this record is a cross between The Better Life and all the records after that. It has more elements of The Better Life , it has the raw rock and roll spirit, less of that polished outline if you will? We did not really let it get a polished outline and I think what we did differently, is that we took more control than last time on this record, when before we let the producer just dictate what did and what didn’t sound good and the reason I think that happened because we recorded the guitars and most of the record in particular at my studio in Nashville and we really got familiar with that room, familiar with how it all kind of worked, it was all our equipment all our guitars, our everything and it just kind of captured who we are as a band right now.

Let’s get into some of the songs, your single ‘In the Dark has super infectious guitar hooks, and a song that gets stuck in your head in a good way not an achy break way. Although I think my favorite track right now is ‘The Broken’ it is quiet a motivating song that I can connect with. Especially the lyrics..

“This is the call up from the Broken, to all the ones that were thrown away, this is the call to the broken stand up and take back your world today”

As you said before the songs are definitely about what you are living now, my question was going to be was it written by personal experience?

I think the song was written kind of by me and Brad at the same time. Like, it is a call to the Broken we kind of felt disenfranchised by the other two guys in the band a not on a personal level because shit happens but just from the brotherhood standpoint when we had been working around two people for that long and then all of a sudden they are up and  be gone, you know what I mean? It was tough and it was hard to deal with and we had to look at each other and not make a decision to keep going or give up because that never came up but we had to make the decision on how to keep going.

That would of been tough. Is there a song can you connect to the most of the album?

I think ‘Us and the Night’ is the one I make the most connection to, lyrically and musically at the same time. I think like I was saying before, it is almost a snapshot of where we were, losing members and gaining members and it got a whole different set of values into perspective and we took it really seriously, it was a little hard at first we had just lost two guys and we really had to try with two new guys and help them fit in and do all these things and we were trying to talk about it then we thought no we are just going to enjoy this process, the process of new guys, the process of new songs and we think it all happened for a reason and we needed to take a look at it and be grateful for it and not be so angry. So that was how that song was born, with the changes in the band happened at the right time for the right reasons. Now when I listen to it I understand the statement that I was making.

I was going through your facebook and you are all really good at posting your news. I found it interesting when you posted the photo of where the atomic bomb dropped, it was a chilling photo. Were you aware that it became a massive debate or argument about who’s fault the war was between your fans?

I took this picture standing within 600 meters of where the first Atomic Bomb was detonated. Pretty surreal experience to say the least. -Chris

Yeah I know and that’s the thing about the Internet everything becomes a forum and everything becomes a place for people to whine and for some people it’s a place for therapy and  brother people it is a place that they can just bitch. A place where they can be an arsehole. That is okay because it is what it is. I always let the kind of stuff happen and don’t really think much about it.

I will read some things and if I see something that is really inappropriate I will delete it.

What was going through your head when you were standing there taking the picture?


It was a pretty surreal day altogether, I went to the museum first. The museum is built right where the bomb went off, where the land was completely decimated. So we went to the museum and we saw the pictures and you don’t get a full picture of what exactly happened until you are there and reading the timeline. So many people died instantly  but so many people died weeks and months after it. A lot of those people who died were trying to help people that they didn’t even know whether or not they were alive. The cleanup crews were a lot of children and children like that were horribly burnt and killed cleaning up, for example at their schools. War is a terrible thing but women and children and civilians, I personally think that they shouldn’t have been involved but they were and that’s just the way it was. When you see those pictures it almost puts you back there with them, it is hard to explain how I felt that day but it put me in a place I’ve never been and it made me really appreciate everything that I was seeing in a different way. So when I took that picture, I thought that was important that I put that picture up (on Facebook)  and I thought that it was important that I do it that day. I thought that was an important picture for me to have for the rest of my life so I never forget that feeling I had that day.

Must of been a very moving day.

Last year your foundation called The Better Life Foundation raffled two items A Citizen Soldier Motor bike and a Tactical rifle. Will you be doing some more raffles this year?

We will do another bike, I am not sure about the  rifle, I don’t know whether that will happen with the bike definitely that is something that we do every year and we have that big ride that we do. Motorcycles are fun and that right is something that every member of the band enjoys.

You have an annual event, you use the funds raised to help local kids in need don’t you? It is a great idea!


I wish you well for the March release of your Album. I am really looking forward to you coming here now that I know.  I also feel that it is the best album yet. However tbh I don’t think that any song can ever beat” Kryptonite” for me!

(Chris Laughing )

Yes that would be hard to top that! That is ok we will take what we can get!

Pleasure to have a chat Chris , thanks for your time. It was definitely worth getting up early to talk to you, although I am going back to bed now!

Appreciate you getting up! Thanks.


Us And The Night Tracklisting

The Broken

In The Dark

Still Alive

Believe It

Living In Your Hell

Inside Of Me

I Don’t Wanna Know

Pieces of Me

Love Is A Lie

Us And The Night

Fell From The Moon

3 Doors Down Links:


Here is an reminder of their smash hit ‘Kryptonite

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