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Pretty Pink ft. ARC Armada Deep Single Run


Pretty Pink’s new single ‘Run’ is out now on Armada Deep and Wanderlust.

This deep house anthem features some striking vocals from ARC, giving us all some magic on this hot new track.

Pretty Pink has consistently grown her catalogue of house tracks across Suara, Armada-Deep and The Bearded Man and in the process attacked the Beatport charts. New single ‘Run’ oozes the talent on show here and continues the level of quality of house music that we’ve come to expect from these labels and this rising artist, DJ and performer.

Watch the video for ‘Run’ and be taken to a place of mystery.  There’s no question here where Pretty Pink is heading and where she stands, alongside Alle Farben, Robin Schulz, Felix Jean and more.

 A very slick deep house affair – Your Music Radar

 The chords, the rhythm, the guitar licks & vocals take you to another place – Yaqui

 Another big new release – Soundplate

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