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Tremonti’s ‘Dust’ Review by Jen

Mark Tremonti does not need to prove his brilliance to anyone even though his previous work was mocked. ‘Dust’ is proof of this statement and displays his improvement in his voice. On the 29th of April via FRET12 Records he, with fellow band members Eric Friedman, Wolfgang Van Halen and Garrett Whitlock released ‘Dust’ to the masses. Tremonti, needs no introduction as a guitarist, with winning awards such as ‘Riff Lord in 2014 and named “Guitarist of the Year” for three consecutive years by Guitar World magazine.

I am not a technical trained musician so I can not pretend to tell you how great the shredding and riffs are as a musician. What I can say is how much I enjoyed listening to this album even though this genre is not my preferred type of music. I think that this album is different than his projects with Alter Bridge and Creed. I think that Tremonti has worked on his vocals as I feel that there is much improved sound than his previous work in regards to lyrics.

‘Dust’ was written at the same time as ‘Cauterize’ almost leading to me believing that it might possibly be made up of songs that were left off that album. I do not think this is the case now I have listened to ‘Dust’ many times. The opening track, ‘My Last Mistake’ is not a gentle opener; it runs at you like a speeding train, which is something I really like. Track 2 and 3 ‘The Cage’ and ‘Once Dead’ continue with the fast paced, guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics.

Super highlight of the album for me is the title track “Dust’. I do like an epic ballad with exceptional lyrics that are totally relatable. Other highlights are ‘Tore My Heart Out’ which is my favourite track off ‘Dust’ at this moment anyway. ‘Never Wrong’ also is a favourite of mine, the one I chose to listen to the most.

Mark Tremonti has not just improved as a musician over the years but has taken his vocals to another level on this album. He has also developed the other members of the band and helped them rise up to his expertise. I strongly recommend this album if you are a fan of heavy riffs, strong guitar solos and meaningful lyrics. So if you don’t think that a band can write and record two amazing quality albums at once I challenge you to take a listen to ‘Dusk’ and relisten to ‘Cauterize’ just to make sure that my opinion is valid.

Written by Jen


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