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The Sinking Teeth release a new single ‘Good Grief’

Melbourne ‘Puke-Punk’ rockers The Sinking Teeth kick the door down with their return to the scene in the form of a two and a few minute banger titled ‘Good Grief’.
Good Grief is the first song (a teaser) to be dropped from their upcoming album due for release mid year and there’s also a sweet self directed video to back it up!
It’s been three years since their debut EP White Water, but The Sinking Teeth don’t sleep. They have been terrorising venues across the country with their own personal brand of yelly punk and stage smack talk while touring with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Luca Brasi, Bodyjar and Kingswood. 
With a new drummer Adrian Van Bloom, a bag of new tunes and an upcoming tour in the works, the dudes are set to shake your teeth straight out of your skull.
You’ll be breaking things by the end of this. 1
Good Grief!
Praise for The Sinking Teeth
“Clocking in at just around three minutes it’s brutally raw, all out assault on the senses.”
Tone Deaf
“The Sinking Teeth pride themselves on their brutal performance energy, ensuring that the audience gets every cent they paid for.”
“Musically it’s five tracks of energetic, melodic and anthemic indie punk.”
Dom Alessio – triple j | on The Sinking Teeth’s debut EP

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