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Nick from The Sinking Teeth chats to Jen about their tour and their new single ‘Pavement’

SAT MAY 14 | The Workers Club, Melbourne

with Self Talk, Have/Hold & Neighbourhood Youth


Melbourne ‘Puke-Punk’ rockers The Sinking Teeth kick the door down with their return to the scene in the form of a two and a few minute banger titled ‘Good Grief’. 
Good Grief is the first song (a teaser) to be dropped from their upcoming album due for release mid year and there’s also a sweet self directed video to back it up!  
It’s been three years since their debut EP White Water, but The Sinking Teeth don’t sleep. They have been terrorising venues across the country with their own personal brand of yelly punk and stage smack talk while touring with the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Luca Brasi, Bodyjar and Kingswood. 
With a new drummer Adrian Van Bloom, a bag of new tunes and an upcoming tour in the works, the dudes are set to shake your teeth straight out of your skull. 
You’ll be breaking things by the end of this.    Good Grief! 
 Pavement, their second song from the Album has now been released. Catch them at their show on Saturday if you are in Melbourne to hear it live or you can purchase it here and Like them on facebook to keep up with all their news. 

The Sinking Teeth started in a dive in Brunswick with a insane pawn shop owner. Tell us a bit about the place, it sounds like a very interesting place to write and of course have parties.

Yeah! We started writing and working out the concept for the band while Julz and I were living in a shitty flat above a pawn shop on Sydney Rd with our mates Ben & Mia. We had a dodgy landlord who never fixed anything and the place eventually started falling down around us so we had to move out. 

There was a door at the back of the (second story) flat that just opened up into thin air and if you walked out of it you would fall about 15 feet onto the concrete of the rear alley. Julz had mushrooms growing in the ceiling of his room. 

It was a genuine shit hole. 

You all met when you were in different bands and you started The Sinking Teeth as an outlet. You classify your band as ‘Puke Punk’, this is not a genre I am used to. Pop Punk is my favourite genre. What would you say is the difference in styles?

Yeah we’ve all played in different bands around the Melbourne area for years now so thats how we all met. Puke punk kind of fell out of my mouth one day when I was trying to describe what our music sounds like and I kind of ran with it. I don’t know if the other guys like it much but I guess it’s kind of stuck. It’s sort of fitting though because we like to write really fast. We sort of just get these songs out of our system and move on. And its way too rough and aggressive to be pop punk and its way to melodic to be hardcore.  

You state on your facebook bio that you are all very close but all so different. Can you please tell us a little about each member and how you are all so different, and how your band manages to work well?

Basically that statement was in reference to our musical tastes. When we wrote that Ben Stewart (Our drummer before Ado) was in the band and we were all listening to different stuff and bringing inspiration from that into the rehearsal space to write. Julz would be listening to RnB and math rock and stuff, Ben would be listening to 90s rock stuff like Archers of Loaf & groove based motown inspired stuff and I would be listening to At The Drive In & Les Savy Fav etc. Now with Ado in the band its a similar thing. Ado is really into Propoghandi & Weezer and stuff like that. 

So we take all this inspiration into the jam room and we play and we argue and we eventually come out with songs. The one thing that we all agree on is that Teeth songs need to have elements of aggression and elements of beauty. It’s gotta be sweet enough for the girls and tough enough for the guys. 

You supported Jimmy Eat World on one of their tours, who happen to be one of my favourite bands, can you tell us any stories about the tour with them?

Yeah Jimmy Eat World are a great band and a well oiled touring machine. It was an amazing learning experience and incredible to see a band put on the exact same flawless performance night after night. 

We had a bit of a gnarly moment in Hobart though when one of our best mates for tazzie stage dived and their crew threatened to kick us of the tour as a result. He was just having a really great time and expressing himself, no one got hurt and it was totally fine, but the stage manager wasn’t happy at all. We patched it up and it was all sweet. Tasmania has a really solid & active punk rock community that is super supportive of each other and the shows always get loose down there. I think it was a bit of culture shock maybe or something? We sorted it out and got on with the tour. 

In 2013 you released White Water your debut EP  which is available for free download  readers can find the album here.  

Yes we did. 

You have a show coming up in Melbourne, one May 14th at the Workers Club. What can the crowd expect from that show?

The show at The Workers Club is the launch for our new single Pavement so you can be sure we’ll play that. We’ve got a cracking new set lined up. There will be pyrotechnics, free soft serve, the entire cast of Game Of Thrones and a short mid set puppetry of the penis show. 

You played on May 7th in Darlinghurst, how was’ Pavement’ received by the crowd?

We did a quick vox pop straight after the set and one woman described it as slippery. 

I guess that’s good. 

There was a fair bit of crossed armed nodding going on. 

In my opinion, after listening to all your songs I find ‘Pavement’ to be your best song yet. It demonstrates your growth and improved confidence as a band. Would you agree with this?

Not really, but thank you. 

Is there going to be a music video for Pavement soon?

Yes I am editing it as we speak. I’ll hopefully finish it today. 

Your first single ‘Good Grief’s first verse struck a cord with me, 12

If you can’t feel a fucking thing 

It’s time to change the way 

That you spend all of your nights 

And you waste all of your days 

Thats good! 

Can you explain to us your writing process? I notice that you have  B Stewart as part of your writing team. 

Basically either Julz or I will come up with a riff or an idea then we’ll bring that riff or idea to the rehearsal room and jam it into a song. Ben (b stewart) our old drummer was great with structural ideas. Then I would take the semi finished product and write lyrics to it while driving my car down the highway. Not the safest lyric writing method but it seems to work for me so I’m sticking with it. Then we demo it. Then we record it. We’re currently writing with our new drummer Ado and jamming things out. 

Your video for’ Good Grief’ is pretty cool, I like the concept of the guy staring in the mirror etc. Who came up with that idea? Do you plan the videos yourselves? 

I came up with the rough idea and then we work shopped it a bit. Most things we do have to make it through the band filter. But yeah the film clip is self directed, shot & edited. 



You have some sweet tees in your merch shop, who designed the logo for Good Grief? I love it! 

Julz did that one. He did a degree in industrial design which left him with some sweet drawing skills. 

What is next for you? Your album comes out in July, will you release another single before then?

Yep! And there will be at least 2 tours. 

Thanks for your time, I enjoyed listening to your music and I wish you all the best for the release of your album. I am looking forward to it! 


Thanks Jen, 

From Nick. 


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