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Sibbo chats to The Hiding midway through their ‘Karma My Life’ Tour

Melbourne indie electro-pop act The Hiding have released their new single, Karma My Life alongside an artistic, emotive video clip and have one show date left at Revolver (Melb) on May 21.

The band’s folk inspired percussive guitar sound takes influence from when the band were absorbing the many acoustic performances in Central Park whilst living in New York. With a memorable hook and a happy, roadtripping vibe, the single touts a supremely positive message, a recurring theme that flows through the band’s songwriting. “Life can throw so many speed bumps and The Hiding has experienced its fair share of these,” explains lyricist and guitarist, Anthony Salce. “It can be deflating and soul damaging, however, these are life lessons we all experience and Karma my life is about accepting these journeys, appreciating the turning point and celebrating the ‘positive experience’ that changed your life.”

The video clip is a fittingly uplifting collaboration with masterful Italian sand artist, Fatmir Mura. It fuses Fatmir’s signature live, hand-crafted sand images to artistically tell the story behind Karma My Life and the resulting video is a compelling, literal work of art. Widely known around Europe, Fatmir’s sand art videos have been creating a stir around the world. As soon as the band had the idea to collaborate with an artist to create a visual interpretation of the imagery of the song, they knew Fatmir was the man for the job.

Anthony enthuses, “As Karma My Life is an honest and emotive piece, we wanted the video to represent the changing nature of the band and the need to adapt to your surroundings, which Fatmir delivers very well in his sand art.” Excited to hit the road with their new tunes, Anthony explains, “We always aim for a high energy vibe, as well as plenty of crowd interaction, it’s about making that party vibe come alive through every song.”

The Hiding are Anthony Salce (vocals, guitar, synths), Ryan Di Cecco (bass), Tom Moore (drums), Stewart Winchester (guest lead vocals) and Chris Salce (keys).

Tickets to all shows are on sale now via THE HIDING SHOW DATE SAT 21 MAY | REVOLVER, MELBOURNE VIC | 18+ | Tickets available at the door

Jordan chats with the band :

You guys are finding a heap of success in the States as well as here in Melbourne, how do the dynamics between the scenes vary?

One stand out feature in USA, is they pretty much stick around and hear all acts. Here in Melbourne sometimes crowds only come to hear the band they know, in USA they get value for their entry fee and see new music. Often they ask for set lists and lyrics and really dig deep into what you have worked on. I enjoy that. What I like about Melbourne is the mateship between bands – it helps everyone grow. Do you prefer performing in one scene to the other? I like travelling so playing in a new country I love, but playing at the Forum in Melbourne was something else.

You guys have a really charming eclectic sound, what influences do you draw on, musically and otherwise?

What inspired Karma My Life was seeing Passenger play a free concert in Central Park…I then got lessons from a Canadian Percussive guitarist Menali Jamal and that started it all. The electro vibe came from listening to acts such as Safia and Boo Seeka and Godwolf. These acts are quite inspiring, I recommend checking them out.

Are there any particular live performances you guys have fond memories of?

Supporting Steel Panther in LA, and supporting Six60 at The Forum sold-out show.

How has the Karma My Life tour been so far? How have you found the response from the fans?

Online great, the track has been responded well, lots of great comments. The crowd at Bendigo was kind to us also. So all good so far.

How did you guys form to become The Hiding?

We came from a prior band that was a younger rock act, as we progressed into a different sound which just came from life experience and discovery of new genres, we decided to follow our hearts and evolve.

When did you all know that playing music was what you wanted to do?

I get so much joy when my music is appreciated by others. It doesn’t take much, I just want to lift and inspire people on a larger scale.

The Hiding promo shot 3

Where do you hope to take the band in the future, and what goals do you hope to achieve along the way?

I would like to collaborate with more electro DJ’s, have a strong online presence, and sell out the Forum myself.

Would you like to say anything else?

Share, love, like, and promote our music. We love hearing from you. Say hi on all our pages.

Written by Sibbo.

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