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Dave Hanson of The Dunwells is about to releases a new single ‘Midday Sun’

“’Blind Faith’ is a warm-sepia toned stroll through an idyllic park, rife in friends, sing-a-longs and domesticated animals.”   – Gigwise

 “Hanson, however, manages very successfully to put together a music package that fuses the tradition of the best British song writing with American West Coast music style” – Bluebird reviews

 “Pretty and bluesy but not aiming to be retro; it definitely has modern day relevance” – Maverick Magazine


 After touring with Mumford and Sons and Sheryl Crow as well as performing on The Tonight ShowDave Hanson decided to leave his successful band The Dunwells to pursue his dream of making his own music. Whilst spending the last 5 years traveling across America, these moments provided Dave with inspiration to write and create his new album. He is certainly not a new artist, but this is a new direction in the music we may associate with his former band. The treble has been toned down on his guitar to leave a rather smooth sounding end product…

 After being told he was “so laid back he was almost horizontal” this explains Dave’s cleverly titled debut album Almost Horizontal- which not only provides us with an insight onto his experiences, but demonstrations his abilities as a new re-invented singer-songwriter. His debut album is made up with eleven songs, in which he not only plays guitar, but also writes all the lyrics and takes up lead vocal duties himself. Notable tracks include 2015’s single Blind Faith, along with Midday Sun and Joanna, whilst Small Town Sinner and Make Hay offer a different twist from guitarist turned frontman’s song writing skills.

 Throughout Midday Sun there is a clear bluesy rhythm and vibeIt’s completely unique how Hanson fuses the genres of blues and reggae whilst leaving a modern edgeThe lyrics provide us with an insight into his time in the States, the listener almost feels like can relate to moments along the long and windy roads of a career in music. His vocals have been likened to those of John Mayer, however, with a more British twist. The indie guitarist is still in there (somewhere), but each song shows a strong influence of the blues and it comes across clearly in the delivery.

 Interestingly, Dave uses storytelling in his lyrics, for example throughout Por Favor Senor– where the listener is left to decide themselves whether it’s true. Moreover, in Small Town Sinner Hanson expresses his (bad) experiences of Internet dating through the lyrics.

 Joanna has simultaneously modern feel; sonic comparisons to The Black Keys can definitely be made. With relaxed and cool vocals in the verses joined with a catchy and groovy chorus-this track will have anyone tapping along feeling like they’re the mean streets of America. 


 Every track on the album feels like a different part of his journey, whilst he showcases his musical spectre of sound throughout. 

Dave Hanson’s Almost Horizontal album will be available in all the usual places on the 3rd June 2016. 

 If you happen to find yourself in Café Nero sometime in June, checkout the live dates below and you might get to see Dave playing the album live. 

                                                               Tour dates:

26th May – Album Launch, The Bedford London

31st May – CN Heathrow terminal 2     

1st June – CN Heathrow terminal 2

2nd June – CN Heathrow terminal 2

3rd June Album Launch – Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton Leeds 

6th June – CN Edinburgh

7th June – CN Newcastle

8th June – CN Leeds

9th June – CN Manchester

10th June – CN Sheffield

11th June – CN Birmingham

13th June – CN Cardiff

14th June – CN Bristol

15th June – CN Brighton

16th June – CN London






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