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Jen catches up with Danielle Deckard after she released “I Lied’ music video.

A New Jersey native who has come to call Australia home, Sydney-based singer songwriter, Danielle Deckard has released the music video for ‘I Lied’.

‘I Lied’ is a stunning piano-ballad taken from her 2015 debut EP, End of the World– an undeniable gem that flew under the radar but will now be given breath thanks to a series of music videos that will be released in the coming months starting with ‘I Lied’.

“‘I Lied’ is about missing someone and never fully getting over that person. Having these triggers that always remind you of them and hopelessly wondering, but never knowing if they still think about you too”, Danielle shares.

The video was filmed at Hibernian House in Sydney, a place near and dear to Danielle – having played several shows there in the past year including her EP release show. ‘I Lied’ was shot as a live performance-style video and features Danielle performing on keyboard backed by a string quartet, bass and drums.

Hi Danielle, I have been listening to ‘I Lied‘ and it is such an emotional song that pulls at the heart strings. I think that 99% of the population would relate to this song. Is this drawn from personal experience? The emotions that shine through are so unguarded.

Yes, to an extent, everything that I write is drawn from personal experience. But my personal life isn’t interesting enough to keep all of my songs completely autobiographical! I tend to embellish and exaggerate wherever I see fit so that I can create the best world for the song to live in. ‘I Lied’ is an ‘I miss you’ song, but it’s not written about one person or time. In order to write it I had to draw on numerous past experiences, and they all kind of merged together.

The music video is a perfect fit for the song, to see all the instruments being played and the simple shots of your singing. Who came up with the concept of keeping it simple? Did you choose to do this this yourself? I love it!

Oh thank you so much! You know, I almost didn’t even make a music video for this song. I was planning to do a video for only 1 song from my EP and it wasn’t this one. But then a bunch of plans were changed last minute and we decided to do a series of 3 music videos. We put this video together in about 2 weeks! My partner Paul, who produced the EP with me and also appears playing in the video was the one who came up with the idea. At first I wasn’t totally into the idea, but then it grew on me. Like the song, the video is really simple so it feels very fitting now.

Are the musicians that played in the music video the same ones who recorded the song? 3

Surprisingly you’re the first person to ask this. The drummer on the EP is Ben Todd and he lives in Adelaide. We flew him out to Sydney last year so we could work with him on the EP. This year we started working with Samuel Marks on some live shows, and he appears playing drums on the music video. Both are absolutely fantastic. I actually just got back from Adelaide this morning and we caught up with Ben at a house concert we played at. He was very pleased with Sam’s performance of his part! I think it was the first time anyone had ever mimed his drumming.

The strings were recorded by a group in the UK, so we definitely couldn’t get them to Sydney. We found this quartet called Classic Strings from Sydney and they were really keen to be involved and great to work with.

Other than that, it’s me on the recording playing piano and singing, and Paul is on bass on the recording as well as the video.

From the information I have read on you and how you play many instruments, I assume you come from a musical family?

The complete opposite. I have no idea how I wound up here! I always used to be slightly embarrassed when people would ask about what I listened to growing up. A lot of other artists will list The Beatles or Eric Clapton, or Joni Mitchell. I discovered all of that classic stuff later on in life. My family was mostly a ‘car radio listening’ family. However, they always have been and still are nothing but supportive of what I do. They’re my biggest fans.



I would never had guessed that! With you being able to play so many instruments, do you have a favourite instrument? One that you find relaxes you and takes you to another place?


There’s something special about the piano. It’s so luscious and grandiose. Nothing really compares to that sound. It’s always comforted me.


You have numerous accolades and awards to your name. Do you strive to achieve more? how important are these awards to you?

They’re an acknowledgment of the work I do, which is nice. Sometimes it’s good to have a pat on the back from someone who doesn’t know me personally. I’m always up for more because a lot of these awards come with cash! As an independent artists, I can always use the extra funding for projects. But I try not to let it affect me if I don’t win—there are so many different factors at play.

You have been likened to artists such as Ingrid Michaelson, I have had the pleasure of interviewing her and she is super talented and lovely. I think it is a real honor to be thought as similar to her, as well as Megan Washington and Kate Miller Heidke.

How does it feel to be classed in the same group as these women?

Oh wow how awesome that you interviewed Ingrid Michaelson! I’ve always really admired her career, not to mention I listen to her on repeat. It’s on the top of my musical bucket list to open for her someday.

All of the artists you mentioned are really inspiring, hard working, creative, strong women and I can only hope to be put in the same category.

Is there anyone else that you would like added to that group that you admire?

Definitely Sara Bareilles and Ryan Adams.


I have looked at your facebook page and you have so many fans complimenting you on the video as well as your songs. It must feel great to have this supportive and generous comments but have you ever had negative feedback and if so do you have strategies to help you deal with that?

I haven’t had anything too insulting yet. Sometimes I’ll get bizarre comments that definitely aren’t flattering, but they’re more confusing than anything! I know the negative feedback is bound to happen sometimes, but it’s so much healthier to focus on the positive stuff!

I think my fav song on your EP is ‘Sleep’ I do like the “Sleep, Rescue me” ….. “oblivion is for the taking” as I have an illness that I often lay in bed waiting for oblivion so I can escape the pain. I kind of feel that this song was written for me. So I guess thanks!

Oh you’re welcome! I’m sorry to hear about your illness but I’m glad the song is something that you can relate to. “Sleep” is a song about escape. Everyone wants to escape from something, whether it’s physical or emotional pain so I think it’s a song that people might relate to for all different reasons.

Is there one particular song on your EP that is your special song, (as some artists say that their songs are their babies so it is very hard to choose)

It’s really hard to choose, mostly because it has fluctuated over the past year. When I was writing the EP it was ‘I Lied,’ when I was recording it was ‘Sleep,’ when it was being mixed it was ‘A Thousand Times’ and now it’s (maybe) ‘Everything That Never Happened.’ Somehow I just left out the title track ‘End Of The World’ which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you have more music videos to come?

Yes I do! There are two more from this EP coming out. The video for ‘End Of The World’ will be out at the end of June and ‘Sleep’ will be out at the end of July. And then later in the year there will be a music video for a brand new single!

I am glad that you have chosen Australia to be your home. I think we will keep you! Thanks for your time and I do wish you all the best.


Thanks so much Jen! I’m glad you’re not going to kick me out of here because I definitely want to stick around!


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  1. Eileen Hollingshead // June 1, 2016 at 2:37 am // Reply

    Danielle is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Love her to pieces and so very proud of the woman she has become . ❤️


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