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DREGG is a 4 piece, off-worldly metal band established and residing in Melbourne City, Australia. They are making their stand known on the struggle against crippling expectations of youth to be a part of an unrealistic economic system with their new single “Sorry Daddy”. Today, they are releasing the video for the track, a damning attack on their forebears.

“Sorry Daddy” is a hard-hitting metal track – a stinging, razor’s edge comment on the crushing accusations that this new generation is “lazy” and that they are bad managers of money and their lives, rather than acknowledging that the system is inherently flawed and that the conditions are not the same as 50 years ago.

Having only just fortified themselves in a brand new city in 2015 with their debut EP ‘NO COMMENT’, Dregg has already toured most of the country, infecting the scene with their definitely NOT ‘on-the-fence’ political views of a system, that in their eyes can no longer function.

With their inspiration drawn from hip-hop to fast-paced hardcore, the quartet has manifested into one of the most left-of-centre live experiences of heavy music, quenching the thirst of many listeners satisfied with the mundane. In line with their latest music video release, ‘SORRY DADDY’, the band has made an artistic and very deliberate attack on our media, politicians and corporations. It’s still early days for the boys, but it’s obvious that these weirdos have more on the agenda than just turning heads the full 360 degrees.

dregg-03Following the confronting yet thought-provoking tone of the ‘No Comment’ EP, Sorry Daddy is an artistic yet intellectual attack at Australia and the rest of the worlds political, commercial and corporate influences. The song brings to light the struggles of regular adolescents trying to simply get by while being force fed ideas of investment, crippling debt and a pigeon holed future of feeding an already established economic system. 

The track was engineered, mixed and mastered by Jamie & Lance @ HalfMoon Productions.

‘Sorry Daddy’ is available from today on iTunes and Spotify.



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