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Jen interviews the Master of Funkadelic Bass Music Opiuo.

“Opiuo is truly a unique artist…this guy truly loves creating and playing live with full synths, drum machines, saxaphone and guitars, and, as a result, has created an eclectic sound with a  strong fan base that I predict will continue to grow.”—Only The Beat

 “When an artist can magically merge the perkiness of saxophone inserts with sultry vocals over grimy melodies, there is a recognizable talent to be acknowledged.”—Earmilk

After much success with previously released Meraki, world renowned electronic producer Opiuo is finally ready to dazzle the electronic music world with 12 tracks filled with syrupy bass. Omniversal, out June 3, is now streaming via all good online sites and includes previously released singles ‘Sneakers’ and ‘Jelly’, the latter of which premiered last week via Earmilk. Continuing to evolve his funkadelic big bass sound, Opiuo carves an effortless pathway through countless genres: highlighting real instrumentation with roller coasters of emotion, he presents an extremely enjoyable maturity onto the modern world of electronic music with Omniversal.

Opiuo has quite the resume under his belt – from spending the majority of his time fine-tuning his craft sharing stages with the likes of MC Hammer and Bassnectar and playing sold-out shows internationally, Oscar Davey-Wraight, has built an empire built on fun fueled dance music.

Awarded Best Electronica Album at the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards for Meraki, Opiuo has gathered an extensive social following, with a six-digit Facebook like count of which more than a third stem from the US and Canada. Opiuo’s Soundcloud stream counts, which total in at over 8 million, reflect his massive internet presence.

Omniversal can be purchased here.

Just announced Opiuo will feature at  The Pleasure Garden, Saturday Dec 10th at Catani Gardens, St Kilda, tickets on sale June 22nd  Line up: The Cat Empire, The Opiuo Band, The Correspondents, Tash Sultana, Spoonbill, Dub FX, Jakubi, Mista Savona, Boogs, Steve Ward, Kodiak Kid

Hi Oscar, thanks for your time, congrats on getting Omniversal out. After 2 years of hard work how are you feeling right now?

I feel half relieved & half excited with the future. So much time & energy goes into an album, and to know its out & receiving the praise it is I couldn’t be happier.

 Your facebook is full of super positive comments, is it with relief that you read these and think yeah! They love it! I should ask as everyone else seems to be, do you have plans for it to be pressed on Vinyl? I think you need to!!!!

Vinyl is coming just around the corner. I wanted to make something collectable and limited edition, so we’ve spent our time getting it right.

 Great new After listening to your album I was wondering if you could actually narrow down a genre for me, it seems to have many many genres mixed through it! Not that you have to slot into a genre.

To me its funkadelic bass music. Bass, funk, and musicality are the 3 things I live by in my music, and something I want to coat the world in.

 You do both types of gigs, a one man band with drum machines and synths to a full band. Is there a preference for you? It must be great to have flexibility in your creativity.

I love both equally, and both have their pros and cons as well. The freedom to play whatever I want when I want as a solo act, through to the infinite satisfaction of jamming live on stage rocking a giant stage as a fully locked in live band. Im lucky to have the freedom to do both!

I first heard ‘Sneakers’ via the press release and was blown away how it made me feel. A song about liking someone sneakers that had the capacity to make me feel so happy and actually had my 17 year old daughter come out of her room and ask who is that? How does it feel that your music can make people happy and to a more extent use it as an escape from the reality of their lives?

Its what its all about to me, creating a space to leave the real life behind. It feels incredible to know people the world over enjoy these musical meanderings that I’ve made while locked away in a dark room in Melbourne 🙂

Omniversal slayed the NZ Dance charts as well as the Aussie ones, were you expecting that? You have a good solid fan based here and NZ.

I was not expecting it at all! I made this album for myself, as well as for people who like my music, but to know it has be taken in to peoples lives like it has makes me happier than you could imagine.

I really like Paint the World – Little dreamer, it has a very personal connection for me. Is there one song in particular for you that has a deep personal connection or more? All of them? (as for me two days it ago it was Jelly)

To me ‘Pockets’ has something deeper than I care to elaborate on right now. Music is powerful.

 I also love ‘The Pepper’, it is like a kaleidoscope on the senses just the type of music that I want to dance to. So fast paced. When choosing songs for your album is there a set number of different paced songs you want on the album or is it the best out of all the songs you have done?

I had around 20 songs finished for the album, and slowly but surely I narrowed them down to a journey I was proud of, something that showed my diversity at this current moment in time.

Now you have lived in your tour bus for a few nights how is that going?

Tour bus life is awesome and challenging. You get to hang with your friends every day, waking up in a new city constantly, and playing shows every night, its amazing. But the compactness of tour buses has its challenges too, theres no escaping the craziness haha!

Looks pretty comfy but is it? Can you give us some images of how life looks on the tour bus?

Its bunks, and lounges, and basketball, and parties, wrapped in a forever moving metal box around the long drives across desert laden landscapes of america. These are epic adventures I’ll never forget.

 I was at Splendour last year and loved every minute of it, sad to say that I can’t make it this year. You would be amazing to see. Has it always been a goal for you to play at Splendour?

It is one of the goals as a musician in this country to play at yes, and I’m extremely excited to have my turn amongst the madness. I’ll be packing something extra special for it as well!

 You are taking the US by Storm. What are your tour plans for the rest of the year after that?

Keep touring, making people dance, smile, and enjoy this beautiful thing we are in called life. Plus make so much more music!


You have some really sweet tees and art work available on your merchsite,  Otis Chamberlain was the artist you choose to do your artwork, was there a reason why other than his super talent?

I’ve worked with him for years, and I feel his visual content matches my sonics perfectly. I hope to work with him til the end. He’s an amazing human, extremely talented artist, and inspiring legend.

Can you sum up why people should come out and experience your show live in 5 words? 

Space,  Travelling, Mindblowing, Party times

Thanks heaps, I wish you well for your US tour and of course your Splendour set.

Much love!

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