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Australian Tour, January 2017

 “The Front Bottoms play an eager and honest brand of indie rock/punk. They are catchy and accessible but they are simultaneously punk as hell!”Absolute Punk

New Jersey USA indie rockers, The Front Bottoms, are coming to Australia in January 2017!

The good time party band are known for getting the crowd involved while they play, often tossing out tambourines for them to shake along while the brass takes their punk into unique territory.

Anthemic sing alongs, whisper quiet interludes and driving, pounding rhythms, make a gig from The Front Bottoms a hugely enjoyable experience!

 “The Front Bottoms put on a faultless show… Truly an incredible performance from a band with flawless consistency.” – Louder Than War

The Front Bottoms started making a name for themselves after the crash of 2008 when American youth found themselves saddled with college loans, unemployment, part-time minimumvwage service jobs and the prospect of living at home or in shady situations on twin size mattresses. They struck a nerve and spread like wildfire via college radio networks.

The bands wildly eclectic blend of pop, rock and punk set against witty, rapid fire lyrics provide an insight into the surreal perspective on how they view the world.

The Front Bottoms have shared a new video for their song “Ginger” via Pitchfork TV. “Ginger” is from their 2015 critically acclaimed album, Back On Top. which sees the band in top form droppingvanother triumphant release in our laps.

Check out the bands video from the album “Back On Top it’s absolutely their best effort so far. It’s impossible to find anything unenjoyable about this album.

Anyone who enjoys pop punk or indie rock with some rebellious flair should definitely check this album out.New Noise Magazine

After wowing fans on the back of their last massive sold out Australian tour with The Smith Street Band be sure to catch The Front Bottoms as they visit eight cities around the country.


On sale Thursday, June 30 @ 9.00am

Facebook event:


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