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Feuds’ single ‘River of Wine’ is one of those songs you want to keep listening to. The only thing that could enhance this song is the music video just released that is made up of so many of man’s connection to nature. Unsure how? Find out yourself below!  Music Injection Australia

Brisbane band Feuds have released the video for their stadium-sized single ‘River Of Wine’, as well as announcing the release of upcoming EP Stay Lost, out Friday August 19.

The ‘River Of Wine’ clip is a whirlwind collage. It’s a patchwork spin on the traditional music video; made up of old cartoons, advertisements, documentaries and military footage in the public domain. Featuring imagery from each stage of life’s development and iterations; it traverses cell formation, to birds, to mountains and a symbolic blossoming yellow flower. In spite of the explosions and bombs causing devastation, the clip stresses the connectedness between man and nature. The yellow flower highlights the potential for good and bad that lies dormant until it blooms into fruition.

The single and its video are just the first tastes of what’s to come. The band release their EP Stay Lost – their debut release as Feuds – on August 19. Stay Lost was recorded largely at guitarist Perry Walker’s farm in Noosa over what was supposed to be just one week. But the band found that the freedom of working outside a studio was the perfect nurturing environment to hone their sound, and the EP ended up taking the better part of a year to complete.


The result? An impactful and honest exploration of life – and all the uncertainties it brings. Says frontman Jeremy Hunter, “None of the songs resolve in a lyrical way, they just ask questions, or pose difficult realities, and refuse to give closure on them. That’s sort of the meaning behind the EP title Stay Lost – sometimes you have no choice but to remain confused. But the title is also a suggestion, in that you can choose to live with uncertainty, you can choose to be lost, and that might be a good thing. Nobody is more dead inside than someone who thinks they know everything; they’ve stopped growing.”

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