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Rod Stewart Triumphantly Takes Over Houston

After decades, the answer to Rod Stewart's question "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" is still a resounding YES!

Rod Stewart savors the first few minutes of his 2 hour set. Photo by : Belinda Reedy- Hinton

In an unexpected twist of fate, I ended up in Houston, Texas with only four other photographers approved to cover Rod Stewart’s appearance at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion July 2nd. I had never been to this venue and was unsure what to expect. It was very nice. The area was ample and the elevation of the rows allowed for a great view from every seat. There was a great selection of beverages, both with and without alcohol, and several food option. Prices were as expected for a concert venue.

After a wonderful set by Cheap Trick (see separate set review), it was time for Rod Stewart to take the stage. From the moment of the first bagpipe note of “Scotland The Brave” , the crowd rarely took their seat. In fact, there was so much energy from the show, the fans were almost a bit relived when the peppering (see set list here) of his ballads came up and they could catch their breath. It is unbelievable how well, at 77 years old, Rod moved about the stage, and when he needed a short break, mostly attributed to the heat and humidly of summer in Texas, the rest of his supporting musicians and dancers made it almost unnoticeable. Each and every one of them was a significant talent individually and it was refreshing to see them highlighted.

Rod Stewart proved, once again, that age is just a number if your heart is truly youthful. For me, every time he wiggled and shook, I forgot just how old we both are. I was back in 1980 – something, a teenager with a huge crush. Hearing everyone sing along to “Young Turks” made my heart very happy. What I enjoyed the most was how much love he had for the crowd and the songs. You can’t pretend to have that much passion for performing. It’s important to note, that his net worth is high enough he never needs to be on stage again. He is surely doing it for the love of music and fans. Suffice it to say, I have seen many 80’s artists and I have a reputation for telling it like it is. Bottom line, go see Rod Stewart, you won’t regret it.

All images and review by: Belinda Reedy- Hinton

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