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Jen chats to Danny from As Paradise Falls.

I had the chance to catch up with Danny from As Paradise falls and ask about all their news. Some news we have to be patient for! 

Hi, you guys travelled to Thailand to record this record, interesting place to choose, was there are reason behind that?

When we decided we were ready to record our album we put a lot of thought into where we wanted to record and who we wanted to produce this album. We wanted to create our own sound and presence and we believe by doing this you have to think outside of the box when recording as well as during the writing process. Karma Sound Studios in Thailand is a place of dreams really, producing some amazing albums in the short time it’s been around in comparison to other studios. We recorded our EP with Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios in Sydney, he then moved to Karma Sound Studios in Thailand and we absolutely love his work and he is like another band member to us. He is so great to work with and he knows exactly what we’re going for when we take our music to him, so he was the first choice for us. Shane and Karma Sound Studios together along with all the staff, management and engineers help create the perfect place to create your music.

Really sorry to hear about Glen Barrie, it is a testament to the band that you have kept going on your album and used all of his work on the album. Did you feel supported by your fans during this time?

Yeah loosing Glen, especially in such circumstances, really hit us all hard and it’s been a tough time for us, his friends and especially his amazing family. The work that everyone around us put in when we got back to create an amazing farewell show for Glen was incredible. We raised a heap of money for Glens son, Franklin, we sold out the venue and everyone was there to support each other, Glens family and friends as well as the band. Its unreal how powerful things can be when a community comes together like that, no words to describe it really. All of this comes down to our Fans too. Flooding our social media with amazing messages of support and positivity really can help you when you need that little bit of help. Our fans came out in force that night and it was a very emotional night on stage that’s for sure but its something that will stick with us for the rest of our lives.   
You now have a new vocalist and a new guitarist but you are keeping who they are under wraps. You tease your fans with the music video for Digital Ritual, causing loads of discussions on facebook. When do you plan on announcing who they are?

Yeah the response has been great towards the new video we released. I can say that we have a couple more videos in the works that will be revealing more and more of the new boys as we progress through them. A full reveal is approaching that’s for sure, look out on our page as we begin to release these videos and by the last one all will be revealed!


Your music video for Digital Ritual is great even if I find the eye part a little creepy! The idea of how we need to connect in todays type of technology is a great idea. Pokemon Go comes to mind when I think about this, even though the music video came out first. Is this something that you agree with?

That’s a good question! We filmed the video at the start of the year so we had no idea about the Pokémon Go thing that’s going crazy at the moment. The Internet and social media all have pros and cons about them, I believe it’s all about people’s self-control really which is a message that can be interpreted from the short clip we have for Digital Ritual. I have friends with kids that could never get their kids out of the house because they wanted to play Xbox or whatever, now all of a sudden these kids wanna get out and find them Pokémon which makes exercise fun giving people a healthier lifestyle which is always great news! Most things in moderation are usually a good concept to go by so I guess that can be applied here.

You are supporting Suicide Silence in Bangkok?

Yeah we will be supporting Suicide Silence on August 24th and we are mega keen for this show! We were scheduled to play with I Killed The Prom Queen in Bangkok whilst we were at the studio but for obvious reasons we had to pull out of that show. After that we got a flood of messages on our social media page, and so did the promoter, sharing their disappointment because they wanted to see us play. So when this opportunity came up how could we say no? This is Suicide Silence and its in Bangkok, you don’t turn that down for anything! Haha.

Any funny touring stories you can share?

As with many bands there are plenty of entertaining tour stories to share, finding the appropriate story to share is the hard part haha. We toured New Zealand last year and on the drive we encountered some beautiful scenery. Half way through our drive to the new show we hit some snowy mountains where there was a freezing cold lake. So we gathered some loose change totalling a whopping amount of $4 and told Glen to take off his 3 layers of clothing and get in the lake for $4. Zero hesitation and 5 seconds later he was in that lake and $4 richer. Moral of the story, its not worth getting in a freezing cold lake nude for $4 guys!
What is next for As Paradise Falls? There is loads of things that fans are waiting for!

Currently we’re tying up the last of the vocal recording on the album and then I’ll be back to Karma Sound Studios for the final mix and master with Shane Edwards and his engineer Rhys Fletcher. Then a bit more down the track we’ll be heavily touring throughout Aus, NZ and who knows maybe even overseas so keep your eyes peeled for that!
Thanks for your time, all the best for what is coming next for you.


Brisbane Deathcore outfit As Paradise Falls are today giving the world peer into the record. Late 2015 saw them travel to Thailand to lay down what would become their follow-up record to their EP “Save Yourself”. What followed was heartbreaking to the say the least – their friend and brother in music, Glen Barrie, passed away unexpectedly and without warning, in his sleep. All of Glen’s work on the record remains as he played it.  

Digital Ritual is the first track to be released from this new record.  It is unusual for the band – its a definite shakeup in style and also in that is a very short instrumental track. In another shift for the Brisbane 5-piece, they have also recently had a change of vocalist and guitarist. This new track comes with a filmclip created by Third Eye Visuals and it gives punters a sneak, albeit covert look into who their new vocalist and guitarist are… can you tell who it is? 




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