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Jen interviews Sam from Residual to catch up on their news.

Alt-rockers, Residual have released their explosive new single All For You , the first taste off their new EP, Haunt, which is set for release on August 26.  To celebrate their new tunes, Residual have announced a Monday night residency through August at The Workers Club in Melbourne.  In light of their anticipated new tunes, Residual will be performing every Monday night through August at The Workers Club Melbourne.  Excited to be playing gigs again, Burtt says, “It’s been a while since we’ve been properly playing shows.  We’ve done a lot of travelling whilst simultaneously preparing for this release, so there’s already a real sense of natural excitement for us – and if we do our job right, that will really rub off on the audience.  We just want to show everyone how much growing up we’ve done.”

 HAUNT is set for release on August 26, available for pre-order from July 15

Hi Guys, Congrats on the release of ‘All For You’, you have received some very positive comments on facebook, now I have listened to it I can see why! Great song. More about that soon.

Are you the cliché band that you guys all met at high school/college? If not how did you all meet?

Well you’re pretty close with that guess. Me and Sam went to primary school together and started our own band in Grade 6. We then went onto different high schools which is where I met Andy and Josh. Myself, Sam and Andy have been doing things together musically since we were 13 but just came on to the scene when Residual was formed.


Lucinda Goodwin Photography

You have been a band since 2013, had any of you had experience in the music industry prior?

Yes, well all of us had played in bands prior to Residual being formed. We all seem to have come from a heavier music background, playing in various different metal bands over the years.

I noticed on facebook the artists that your band likes, such as Hayden James, Hayden Calnin, RÜFÜS / RÜFÜS DU SOL, I have interviewed them and can see why you like them. Are there any bands that you can say were a definite influence on your sound?

All four of us have quite different tastes in music which I think can be recognised when you listen to our music. There are a lot of Australian artists we look up to and enjoy listening to but to pick a band and say we all agree they are an influence would be hard.


Now, about ‘All for You’ that I have not stopped listening to since I started writing these questions….. Being based on a relationship that is doomed, was this written from personal experience? If so was it therapeutic for you to write and release it?

The track was written by our singer Sam, based on his relationship with his girlfriend that was on the verge of falling apart. When we went into the studio Sam and his girlfriend decided to part ways and he re-wrote the lyrics . It may have been a therapeutic session for Sam and the two have since rekindled the relationship.

The music video is SO GOOD! I loved the song when I heard it but to add in the video to my senses was awesome! Talk about powerful stuff! Was that a concept that came to you while writing the song or after it was recorded?

Thanks! The video concept was made up by both Sam and the director of the clip Jesse Leaman. I think the outcome of the clip has well exceeded out expectations and we couldn’t be happier with it and how it reflects the song.

The making of the video, did that go smoothly or did anything go wrong? Love hearing stories about making of videos.

For the majority the shoot actually went really well. Jesse was great to work with and smashed through it in no time. One issue we did have though was trying to break the desk in the scene with the baseball bat. We ended up having to take the supporting beams out of the desk just to get it to break!

Next month you have a pretty full month touring around Victoria and one show up in Sydney, I hope to see you at one of the Melbourne Workers Club. Is that a regular spot for you there or is it for the month of August? Great work that you got that spot.

We have in the past played at The Melbourne Workers Club but have never done a residency there before. It’s a great venue which we all enjoyed to play at previously. We are hoping for some fresh ears to hear our music over the next month up there and can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

You have a merch store on your website, have you got some tees planned for your tour?

At this stage we will be continuing to sell the merch that is online. We will be bringing shirts with us for anyone who wishes to purchase them at the venue.

I have had a listen to your EP and I love it, can you tell our readers what they can expect?

Well we think it’s a step up from our last one in terms of song writing. We are starting find a more specific sound that we can all agree on and have all matured as songwriters. I guess it is a good sign when I can show my mates some of our new songs and I’ll hear them humming the melody of the song for the next week afterwards.

In regards to your live shows can you in 4 words explain why readers should head to one of your shows?

Good music, Better beer!

All the best for August, you guys will be very busy!





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