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Jen chats to William from Storm the Sky about their new Album ‘Sin Will Find You’.

It’s there. It’s always there. The demon on your shoulder, the guilt in the pit of your stomach. It finds us all. And the only cure for guilt is ruthless, breathtaking honesty as displayed by Storm The Sky’s new album, Sin Will Find You, set for release on August 5 via UNFD.

The first sin of the collection comes via new single “Lilac”. One part of the Sin Will Find You video trilogy, “Lilac” is an intense and striking snapshot into a life spiralling out of control, in which the protagonist seeks to fix his problems the very same way he created them in a city consumed by drug culture.



Hi William,

I was wondering ….with how Storm the Sky is shaping up to be one of Australia’s best bands how grateful are you that you fell off that skateboard and damaged your ligaments so badly that you turned to Music rather than Sport?

Wow, that’s really humbling to hear anyone say that haha. I’d say it’s a mixture really, I miss sport so much but music is truly my calling in life so I’m grateful that I found what I was most passionate about at such a young age by accident. I think i’ll always be more grateful that I can do what I love before being really successful. As long as I can eat, have a roof over my head AND sing… I will.

So your album ‘Sin Will Find You’ will be released on August 5th. How are you feeling now after working so hard on this album? Keen to get the album released? Bit nervous as well perhaps?

I think the main thing I’m nervous about is people hearing one or two songs and forming an opinion (regardless of whether it’s a positive one or not) as opposed to listening to the record as a whole. It isn’t the type of album that sounds the same the whole way through, there really aren’t any ‘filler tracks’, each song is different in it’s own right and I implore everyone to give it a good spin before forming an opinion of the release. Other than that, I’m just so excited to be able to finally play these songs to an audience. There’s a few songs on there that I don’t know if I’ll get through emotionally but I feel like that’s what I need to go through to get closure on some of the things i’ve expressed outwardly for the first time ever in the lyrics of this record.

Your producer, Sam seems to have dug deep into your deepest fears and darkest problems so I guess that makes this album an honest and pure one. Is there a story that you can share that inspired one of the songs on the album?

When I wrote “Second Best” I was on a comedown at my old apartment. I walked past my bedroom where the girl I was dating was asleep and into the bathroom. I noticed there was make up on my shirt (from a friend hugging me) but knew that she wouldn’t see it like that so I wiped it off. I was thinking of a million things at once so the song quickly changed to being about a friend that used me to live the life he wanted. The third verse is basically just summing up everything I was afraid of and my feelings about taking on the responsibility of being the main creative entity in the writing process of Sin Will Find You. I was afraid that I was to be held accountable if the album was late, or not as good as Permanence etc. In my overtired mind at the time, (devoid of serotonin and full of self doubt), I was viewing the idea of becoming the only singer of Storm The Sky as essentially having every bad or negative thing that’s said about the band being screamed in my face and that was terrifying to me. Luckily I’m not constantly in that state of mind so I’m much happier about it all as I write this!

I am happy! 🙂 …You said It’s haunting now to listen back to the album and be able to hear the pain that we discussed in that room come through in every single word and instrument we recorded. We learned so much about each other musically and what we were capable of, but more importantly as people, and we’ve never been closer as friends.” This sounds like this album has cemented you as a band and your fans will be happy about that. Sharing your secrets with the other band members must have been difficult for you? I know that I have things I don’t want to ever want to bring up to anyone!

It’s weird I actually found it really easy to open up to the boys. We’re always brothers first and foremost which makes me very comfortable around them. If anything it’s just made me realise that if I have shitty things I’m dealing with most likely they do too and we can’t be salty at each other because our personal lives are difficult. Being able to know that they know everything about me has also opened me up to be 100% myself around them at all times. That leads almost directly to pure uninterrupted creation when you’re writing music so that really, really helped shape this record into what it is from my end.

‘Jaded Ghost’ is written about the problems that can occur when you hold on to a broken relationship as we have an innate fear of being alone. I think, what I like about this album is that you write songs that are relatable. I think most of us would have had that kind of relationship. We all go through a major time in our teens or 20’s that change us for life and help us mature. Would you say that this was your time and that any relationships you have now will be better for the rough time over the three years?

I’m stoked you think that! Music has always been a place for me to realise that I’m not alone so if I can be that for someone else then it’s a dream come true.

I’m a sucker for love as cliche as that is. I’m the most comfortable in someone’s arms because growing up I was loved to the end of the earth by my mother. That’s a blessing and a curse because there’s barely any people that had that up-bringing (unfortunately for them haha) so I’ve always found myself rushing into a lot of comfortable relationships.

I think that I’ve learned a lot from two key relationships, that being one of them. The main thing I’ve learned is that sometimes you need to let go for yourself and your own growth. I mean I’m barely 22 and I need all the time I can get to try to turn my aspirations into my reality so I haven’t really thought about another relationship but I’m sure moving forward I’ll have a much clearer outlook on who I am and what I’d need. Going through everything I have in that sense has really helped me understand that I need to come first in order to do what I’d love to do so I really do have those experiences to thank for any success moving forward.


You say that you record lyrics into your phone when they come to mind and I agree with Lachlan when he says that he, “Does not know how you come up with the concepts or those lyrics”. What triggers a time when you think of some lyrics, is it like driving in a car and something comes to mind etc? That is a pretty cool talent!

Haha I’ve never thought to deeply about that I guess it is kind of weird. I’m a big believer in ‘the muse’ and also that there’s no such thing as ‘writers block’. I truly stand behind the fact that people possess “genius” for periods of time rather than BEING one. When I write it’s usually because I don’t have a choice. Sometimes I’m lying in bed and a sound in my head occurs like someones screaming in my ear and I have to get up and write something. I can sometimes randomly not write anything for weeks and then there’s times where I’ve literally written; 3 songs, a short film and a business concept in 10 minutes… It’s kind of a subconscious experience for me. I still see things I’ve written and have no idea how I came up with them.

Your music video sequence for Lilac and Medicine is amazing. These videos blows my mind. Seriously they are amazing. I am not sure if the guy is actually there that he sees all the time but when he says, “I am still here” is heartbreaking. I heard that it was causing some controversy with I assume as the couple is gay is this correct?

If so how pathetic! Does that worry you at all that people are not looking at the concept and impact the video makes to the message of the song and worry about that?

Thank you so much! I really pride myself on making sure that I have creative control of all the videos and it’s awesome that people are vibing them.

Yeah unfortunately we’ve had a large amount of closed minded individuals that have expressed their discontent at what I believe was just a kissing scene between two lovers… It’s really sad that people still have a problem with the LGBT community these days even though we’ve come so far culturally. The whole record is a musical depiction of exactly what my life is like as a young adult in Melbourne. So visually I was always going to do the same thing. Homosexual relationships are viewed without even a second glance in Melbourne and I know that’s not necessarily the case in a lot of other places so I felt it important to reflect that way of thinking in the video. It doesn’t really worry me too much because if the message that “you should give basic civil rights to the LGBT community and treat them like human beings”’ is what people are seeing and hearing over the song then that’s a good thing because I care about that a lot more than whether someone likes or dislikes our music as it’s much more important.

How many more videos are in the sequence?

I can’t say for sure because it’s a little complicated but there’s definitely more to come! Very exciting things are happening!

Hmmm I think you are being evasive! Can you tell us the motivation behind having the sequence of video? Who came up up with the idea?

I love movies and having grown up around the performing arts my whole life it’s made me always have a yearning to write one (or twenty) haha. The only way I can really do that at the moment is through the bands music videos and they’re never long enough to really flesh out a good story so it was a no-brainer for me really!

Is the artwork for the album the sky blue background? With just the title printed on it? If so it is certainly unusual.

Yeah it is! We really wanted to go with a minimalistic cover with the majority of the chaos being contained on the inside just like we all have to have a beautiful exterior while being terrified that someone might gain our trust enough to meet the real criminally insane beings that we all are. We made it baby blue because it’s a colour of comfort colour and is generally associated with feelings of melancholy. This really reflects what you’re abut to listen to, a sort of comfort in the understanding that you’re not alone in sin.

Well it is my fav colour…. So I love it!      How are you preorder sales going?    (Preorders are available NOW: )

I don’t really look at these things myself  to be honest as I find it’s distracting from staying true to what you want to create . I prefer to let the ‘big dogs’ worry about that side of the process and I try to focus on the creative front haha!

That is fair. Good perspective…..You have the Australian Tour of Pierce the Veil coming up shortly, how keen are you for that? That is going to be insane.

I’m as happy as a wheel of cheese at a vegan festival! PTV are a band we’ve all collectively loved and admired since we started this band and it’s an honour to be able to watch them work. I’m mainly just excited to see what we can learn from them and the other amazing bands we’re lucky enough to join on that run!

A Vegan Festival! Yeah I can smell bacon…. yum… I am following that smell…..mmmm Carbonara!  Nah Seriously I don’t want to offend Vegans…. 

I have seen you guys live a couple of times now, the last one being In Hearts Wake, when I shot you, I will have to dig through my images to find some. Can you tell us in 4 words why people should see you live?

Sin Will Find You.

Maybe I should of asked for six words….. but good one!  William, I wish you well for your album release, and the tour. Safe travels!     

Cheers, Jen


Sin Will Find You is the new album from Melbourne based death-pop act Storm The Sky, a deeply emotive collection of songs that holds up a powdery mirror to the millennial culture that greedily seduces all comers. But rather moralising from on high, frontman William Jarratt has written from his own personal experience and composed a starkly honest collection of songs about love, cheating, drugs and friendship from the pages of his own diary.
And knowing oneself in 2016 is to face up to exactly what it is that motivates us, whether noble or beastly. To do so entirely without judgement is almost suicidally brave.
“Sin Will Find You is intentionally 100 percent based on my life,” states frontman William Jarratt. “I wanted to write the most open record I could, because I was sick of worrying about what people might think if they knew who I really am. I was holding back so as not to hurt anyone – so much so that I was lying about petty things just to stop people from judging me or disliking something that was inherently part of who I was. Writing it, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.”
The band, completed by guitarists Andy Szetho and Lachlan Avis, bassist Benny Craib and drummer Alex Trail have emerged from the chrysalis of 2015’s Permanence and created an album of exceptional texture and depth that has been painstakingly built from scratch.
A seismic stylistic and artistic step forward, Sin Will Find You saw the quintet choosing to work with producer Samuel K (The Getaway Plan, Closure In Moscow) and putting their talents – and egos – in his hands. In order for every member of the band to connect on an emotional and creative level, the band had to dig deep and really get to know each other, so they went around the room one by one and talked about… everything.
And it’s that sense of exploration, both internal and musical, which gives Sin Will Find You its ashen wings. Take lead track “Jaded Ghost”, which deals with the aftermath of a crushing breakup, the haunting Medicine or the darkly confessional title track – they are all the work of a band keen to challenge and unsettle, all within a skyscrapingly melodic framework. There’s a directness and power to Storm The Sky that is represented by these dark pop songs, and it’s a darkness that is staring right back.In August the Storm The Sky will take Sin Will Find You on the road for the very first time supportingPierce The Veil, Beartooth and Silverstein.Sin Will Find You is available now for preorder via 24Hundred and iTunes

Storm The Sky Sin Will Find You is out now August 5 via UNFD.

1. Second Best
2. Jaded Ghost
3. Carcinova
4. Medicine
5. Wake Up Sleeping
6. In Vein
7. Lilac
8. S.W.F.Y
9. Disappointed
10. Burning

Touring with……



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