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“The Brave are a big-picture band. So go on, have a look.” – Kerrang! 4/5 Stars

“The Brave’s debut album is a heady cocktail of melodic anthems and full-blooded mosh pit starters.” Rock Sound

“An 11-track spread of passionate, personal jams with its ambition stitched proudly on the band’s collective sleeve.” – Blunt Magazine

“With Epoch, The Brave will stand at the summit of it, with the strongest hardcore debut in a long time.” Stack Magazine

“Band display the atmospheric and metalcore sides both flawlessly in one solid package.” – Soundfiction

 The Brave have today released their soaring debut album, Epoch via UNFD and have also been announced as special guests on the Falling In Reverse Count Rockula Australian tour this October. The boys from Brisbane will be joining one of the most controversial and talked about bands for Falling In Reverse’s first ever, and no doubt, absolutely wild headlining tour of the nation. 

 The Brave’s stunning deubut Epoch is a sharp, widescreen demonstration of pure anthemia that wears its ambition proudly, and for vocalist Nathan Toussaint, guitarists Kurt Thomson and David Mead, bassist Daniel Neucom and drummer Brent Thomson it’s their stab at immortality.

 Formed in 2013, The Brave came together with a single goal in mind – to make music to move people. Their 2014 EP Endless turned heads nationwide, and since then they have been refining their aspirant melodies and thudding riffs into what is now Epoch.

 And to really go down in history, the band dug deep to create something of true power that has resonance beyond its own borders. The songs themselves might have been drawn from Toussaint’s own experiences, but there’s a universality to them that shares DNA with everyone from Bring Me The Horizon, 30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park and Architects to Deftones and Northlane.

 The glorious thing about Epoch is that Searchlights is accompanied by another 10 dauntless hymns to hope and love. It’s big-picture emoting is matched by the likes of “Break Free” and the heroic “Dreamless” (featuring Northlane’s Marcus Bridge), while “Ignited Youth” takes a sober look at the human cost of global conflict.

 Epoch is available now via 24Hundred and iTunes.



1. Searchlights

2. Break Free

3. Eclipse

4. Dreamless (Feat. Marcus Bridge)

5. Ignited Youth

6. 1945

7. Escape

8. Undone

9. Epoch

10. Legacy

11. Slipping Away

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