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Jen chats to Jared from Weslynn from Phoenix about their news.


are Jared Geyer (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard) Greg Olin (Guitar) Kevin Holmes (Drums) Adam Simons (Guitar)

Founded in fall of 2013, three Arizona State University schoolmates and long time friends (Jared Geyer, Greg Olin, and Kevin Holmes) started to play music under the band name WESLYNN. They started gaining a fanbase in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ by playing coffee shops, cover gigs, and releasing original home recordings online. The following year they released professionally produced 5 track EP titled Dark Days. The album was engineered and produced by Nashville recording artist, David Dreas.

 May 2015 yielded the final member to complete WESLYNN; Adam Simons (previously Radiodriveby). Shortly after his induction, the band released the single “What Went Wrong.” In a statement to Cronkite News at ASU they said, “Everything we have been through has brought us closer together. We have individually had so many personal trials, that when we start playing music, it all fades away. The world is constantly changing and throwing tragedy into our lives, but WESLYNN has given us the opportunity to rally around each other and made us even closer friends. This music is a direct response to those hard times of love and loss.”

After a yearlong hiatus, this Indie/Pop/Rock band is back stronger than ever. They recorded a 5 song EP in spring of 2016 with producer Dan Parker; leading off with the single titled, “Strange Feelings.” They draw their inspiration from bands such as Augustana, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Queen, and classic pop rock bands. With smooth vocals, haunting harmonies, and grooving guitar vibes, WESLYNN’s mature sound and style reaches people of all ages. The band continues to focus on writing new music.

Hi, thanks for your time. Congrats on your new single Strange Feelings. It has a great meaning and is really catchy.

-Thank you! Much appreciated.

Some background questions to kick off this interview. So three years ago you started Weslynn with uni mates, what were you all studying?

-Jared: I was studying general business with a music minor, Greg was studying Communications with a music minor, and Kevin was a CIS major with a music minor.

Was it your dream to be in a band from a young age?

While we have always had a love for music, the thought of actually having a chance to be in a band didn’t become a reality until our High School days. Jared: Growing up I always thought I would be a professional ice hockey player. Although I’m glad that path has changed, I enjoy having all of my teeth.

After your year off, you signed to For Emily Records, was this something that you were looking for? So many bands these days are trying to do everything themselves, it must be great to now have a Label supporting you and getting your music out there. Even all the way to Australia!

-During that break, although the shows stopped, the music never really did. Individually we wrote 20+ songs and knew after the break was over we wanted to come back stronger than ever. We recorded this upcoming record originally with our own budget. Only after we had finished the record we had the opportunity to show it and we were privileged enough to get signed. Now that we are signed we are working harder than ever.1ab6ee_96793486f37d4263b80c41a7efa5a4ab-mv2_d_2400_1762_s_2

In your bio you said you have been able to rally around each other due personal trials and that has made you even closer. Do you feel almost like a family?

-Definitely. We were family before the music and its become the cornerstone of our band. We will get together and grill on the barbecue for holidays. Through thick and thin we always have each others backs.

After taking a year long Hiatus you seem to be more cohesive and your new EP, a more mature sound. What did you do during this Hiatus, and was inspiration drawn from your time off?

-Thank you! We were really focused on our families. We still found time to meet up and write music.  Jared and his wife were having their first child. Kevin was transitioning into a new job as a graphic and web designer at a cutting edge design firm. But the hardest hit for all of us was the passing of Greg’s father earlier this year. This record is dedicated to him. We poured all of these raw emotions into dozens of songs. You will hear some of them on this record,and more on future records.

You released a song called ‘What Went Wrong’, I really like this song, almost as much as ‘Strange Feelings’, can you explain the concept behind the writing of this song?

-What Went Wrong is really about putting all of your time and energy into a relationship just to have the other person walk away without explanation. Even once they are gone you still have all of those memories that haunt your life.

How does your writing process usually go? Is it whole band approach?

-Jared will usually come up with a verse and chorus for a song idea then bring it to the band where we all have input on the final outcome of the song. Other times we will be jamming  nonsense and a catchy lick or lyric will come out of nowhere. There’s never one set way to write a song.

‘Strange Feeling’ brings back great memories for me for when I met my hubbie. That feeling that you have already met and the feeling of falling in Love. Is this the intended meaning? Sometimes songs mean different things to different people of course.

-Absolutely. We like to leave most songs up to the interpretation of the listener for that reason, but that is the concept we had in mind when writing Strange Feelings. Sometimes there’s an inescapable feeling of being connected to someone even if you don’t know how.

Music can take away pain and change our mood. ‘Strange Feelings’ makes me pretty happy. Do you have a story in which a fan has shared how your music has helped them?

-A young lady once told us that she found the courage to start writing and performing her own music because of what we started. That was just the most amazing thing. We were so inspired in return. Music and performing everything you are in front of people isn’t easy, so to inspire that in another human being is remarkable.

This song is very connectable, one of the reasons that your music stood out from the many submissions I get to listen to. Connectable not just to the young but people of any age. The entire EP is the same especially ‘It Gets Good’ This is a stand out song for me in regards to the message. What was there an experience that this was written about and can you explain what that was?

-Jared: It Gets Good came about after I got married. It’s a song to my wife. The first couple years of marriage can be so difficult, there’s a huge learning curve that come with living and sharing every part of yourself with another person. You can’t get hung up on the ‘what if’s’ in life. Through perseverance all things will get better. Invest in love and it will get better!


You have not yet named your EP, have you narrowed it down at all and is there one hint you can give us?

-We decided to call the EP ‘Black + Champagne’. We decided on this name as a concept, rather than taking a lyric for the album title.

I like it! Do you have an idea of the artwork for the EP?

-Yes. In the ‘Black + Champange’ album cover, we wanted to show class along with a subtle promotion of our song titled ‘Black’. A lot of bands go for a grunge look, but we decided to put on button down shirts and jackets for this one.

I have been reading through your facebook and it seems that you have not played live lately. Is there a tour planned after the release of the EP?

-There is no official tour announced yet, but we will be very soon! As for now we have a headlining show in Phoenix, Arizona at the Rebel Lounge on September 16th!

Do you run your social media yourselves?

We do all of our social media ourselves and try to divide the platforms between all of the band members.

Is there any other news that you can share with our readers?

-This record is only the beginning. More videos, merchandise, and music will keep coming! Thank you for interviewing us!

My Pleasure! Best of luck for the future.
Twitter:  @WeslynnMusic
Snapchat:  Weslynnmusic

Instagram:  @Weslynnmusic

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